• How to choose a villa elevator when decorating a villa


    With the development of the social economy, more and more customers are buying villas for home use. Many customers will choose to install villa elevators during the decoration. Faced with the many typ...

  • The difference between hospital elevator and ordinary elevator


    Hospital elevators are not only used to transport passengers, but also have special and strict requirements on the function of the elevator due to the special use. The medical elevator can accurately ...

  • Why do we need to modernize passenger elevators


    The development of the city and the erection of high-rise buildings have made elevators widely used in our daily lives. While the elevator brings us a convenient and fast life, it also brings a certai...

  • What are the installation standards for home elevators


    What are the installation standards for home elevators? Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people install home elevators, which is also a manifestation of the im...

  • Elevator tips that are neglected when buying a house


     When purchasing real estate, we will actively understand the civil construction quality, lighting and ventilation, and community environment of the house, but it is easy to overlook the residential e...

  • Why does the home elevator make abnormal noise


    Nowadays, many people have modified some domestic elevators in their homes in order to have different decoration and design effects in small apartment homes. However, after the home elevators have bee...

  • What are the daily maintenance methods for home elevators


    1. Pay attention to the carrying capacity of home villa elevators. Different elevators have different carrying capacity. We should use the elevators installed by ourselves. Do not use them frequently....

  • How to extend the service life of home elevators


    While the home elevator brings us convenience, it is very important to extend its service life when in use, and it is necessary to master the method. So how to extend the service life of home villa el...

  • What are the precautions for the use of freight elevators


    Escalators, freight elevators, and home elevators are a kind of vertical transportation tools developed and combined with the construction of high-rise buildings. In modern society, elevators have bec...

  • What are the driving methods of home elevators


    Home elevators refer to elevators installed in private residences and only used by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building that is not used by a single family as a tool for a si...

  • How To Install Home Elevator


    A home elevator not only adds to your style but also proves to be a boon for the elderly and the mobility challenged people at home. These elevators make it easy for them to access multi-levels easily...

  • How to solve the noise of the Home lift


    Many elevators are noisy when they are used, which makes it uncomfortable to hear. If a Home lift is installed in the home, it will be even more uncomfortable. So how can the Home lift solve the noise...

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