How to choose a villa elevator when decorating a villa

Abstract:With the development of the social economy, more and mo […]

With the development of the social economy, more and more customers are buying villas for home use. Many customers will choose to install villa elevators during the decoration. Faced with the many types of villa elevators on the market, how should customers choose villas during the decoration process? For elevators, what are the main considerations for villa elevators?
The correct definition of a villa elevator is a domestic elevator, that is, an elevator installed in a private residence and only used by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building that is not used by a single family as a tool for a single family to enter its residence. The public or other residents inside cannot enter and use. How to choose a villa elevator?
1. How to choose one of the villa elevators-look at humanity
Humanization is the first issue for villa elevators. The purpose of installing elevators in villas and homes is to facilitate the elderly and users. If the selected elevator is not enough for wheelchair transportation in a certain period of time, then the elevator will be unmanned at all. The size of the wheelchair is 68cm wide and 93cm long, so the elevator car must be larger than 70cm wide and 100cm deep, otherwise the wheelchair cannot be pushed. Maybe the people who use elevators are only 40 years old, and they will be old in the future, or there are already elderly people who need to take wheelchairs. There can be no elevators and people who carry wheelchairs can go up and down every day.
2. How to choose the second villa elevator-look at personalization
Personalization is based on the architectural characteristics of the building or villa, as well as the user's identity, temperament and hobbies, etc., to choose the elevator that matches it, which is very important. Because the villa itself has its own unique personality, and buyers and builders adopt different building structures and styles to reflect individualization, so the elevator must reflect individualization, otherwise it will reduce the grade of the villa.
3. How to choose villa elevator three-look at safety
Safety and reliability is of course one of the most important factors in choosing an elevator. Therefore, how to choose a safe and reliable villa elevator is also very important. Often residents or developers who use elevators are not familiar with elevators, so how to determine the safety and reliability of elevators must be tested by a third party. At present, the relevant Chinese regulations regard elevators below 320KG as "equipment without group damage" and do not require inspection by relevant departments after installation. Therefore, it is best to choose a villa elevator of 320KG or above, because the national regulations of the elevator of 320KG or above must pass the inspection and acceptance of the national quality and technical supervision department and issue the use certificate. The elevators that have passed the national inspection are safe and can be used with peace of mind.
4. How to choose the fourth villa elevator-look at energy saving
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly villa elevators need to consider noise, whether it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, how high the top floor is, and how much power consumption is. At present, the most energy-efficient and low-noise elevators are permanent magnet synchronous main engine elevators, such as the permanent magnet synchronous machine-roomless traction elevators independently developed by Thyssen, Shanghai Mitsubishi, Syney, KONE, Finland.
Users can make a rational choice through the "Four Looks" introduced above. The villa elevator meets the needs of users for high-quality life. On the one hand, it can reach the destination quickly, safely and comfortably, and on the other hand, it can also enjoy the fun of high-tech housing, comfortable housing, and healthy housing.

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