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Panoramic Elevator

The panoramic elevator is not just an up and down transportation tool but also a magnificent scene moving up and down in a city. It's high-end configuration speaks for the city’s noble taste and identity. The Panoramic lift quality imported components together with the optimal elevator system design guarantee super Sightseeing Lifts safety.

Glass Panoramic Elevator(Capsule customizable)


Upper and lower covers: blue metallic paint steel plate with milky white acrylic spherical cover, acrylic lighting
steel frame, middle titanium mirror etched frame, transparent marble
Observation wall: curved safety laminated glass
Ceiling: Diamond Silver Spray Steel Plate with Acrylic Lighting Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Upper and lower cover: mirror stainless steel
Sightseeing wall: curved safety laminated glass, semi-circular
Ceiling: Diamond silver spray steel
plate with downlight
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel,
mirror-etched stainless steel
Handrail: stainless steel flat handrail
Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


upper and lower case cover: spherical white diffusing cover gold painted steel orange diffuser decoration
ceiling stainless steel white diffuser
car wall: gold etching stainless steel
sightseeing wall: laminated glass semicircular sightseeing
Floor:PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Cover: steel plate painting
Sightseeing wall: safety laminated glass
Ceiling: mirror stainless steel, led downlight
Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Upper and lower covers: Hairline stainless steel
Sightseeing wall: flat safety laminated glass
Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Upper and lower cover: titanium stainless steel with decorative lights
Sightseeing wall: safety laminated
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
Decorative ceiling: sprayed steel plate, acrylic lighting
Floor:PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Upper and lower cover: steel plate
Sightseeing wall: safety laminated
Ceiling: steel plate baking paint,
Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Outer cover: steel plate, coated with titanium stainless steel, etched stainless steel, acrylic cover

Ceiling: titanium hair pattern, hollow pattern, led downlight

Sightseeing surface: laminated safety glass

Car wall: titanium stainless steel etching, titanium hairline stainless steel

Car wall, inner wall, and front wall: titanium mirror stainless steel

Handrail: titanium mirror double pipe handrail

Floor:PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Housing: titanium mirror, high-end decoration
Ceiling: Titanium mirror, high-end lighting
Sightseeing surface: laminated safety glass
Car wall: titanium stainless steel etching, titanium mirror stainless steel
Inner circumference and front wall: titanium mirror stainless steel
Car door: Titanium mirror etched stainless steel
Handrail: Titanium mirror double tube handrail
floor:PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Cover: steel plate baking paint, Alec lighting
Ceiling: Titanium mirror stainless steel, painted process board, led downlight
Sightseeing surface: tempered laminated safety glass
Car wall, inner wall, and front wall: titanium mirror stainless steel
Handrail: titanium mirror single pipe floor handrail
Floor:PVC (standard) marble (optional)

Glass Panoramic Elevator(Capsule customizable)


Car cover:

Titanium gold stainless steel or titanium gold mirror stainless steel 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Titanium mirror stainless steel painted craft board,LED downllight 

Car wall:

Safety laminated glass 

Handrail: None

Floor:PVC(Standard) Marble(Optional)

Color: Black,silver or white powder coating as standard:custom colors available


Car cover:

Champagne gold hairline stainless steel 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Champagne gold mirror stainless steel acrylic transparent plateLED light 

Car wall:

Champagne gold mirror stainless steel 


Champagne gold stainless steel tube 

Floor: PVC(Standard). Marble(Optional)


Car cover:

Titanium mirror stainless steel 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Acrylic translucent plate,LED downlight

Car wall:

Titanium mirror stainless steel 


Titanium mirror flat armrest 

Floor: PVC(Standard), Marble(Optional)


Titanium stainless steel 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Titanium stainless steel,acrylic decorative lights 

Car wall:

Titanium mirror stainless steel


Titanium stainless steel tube 

Floor: PVC(Standard), Marble(Optional)


Hairline stainless steel 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Mirror stainless steelLED lights 

Car wall:

Hairline stainless steel 

Handrail: None

Floor: PVC(Standard) Marble(Optional)


Steel plate with spraying 

Observation wall: 

Safety laminated glass 

Decoration ceiling:

Mirror stainless steel,LED lights, acrylic decorative lights 

Car wall:

Hairline stainlesssteel 


Stainless steel tube 

Floor: PVC(Standard), Marble(Optional)


CMP-01 CMCB-01


CMP-02 CMCB-02


CMP-03 CMCB-03


CMP-04 CMCB-04










Operation Display


Button Series



safety: Only the beginning and no end

Therefore, we believe that safety is the first element throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

Research and Development:

National standards are strictly implemented. Products are equipped with ACOP, UCMP. High-duty landing door, deterrent device, overspeed governor, safety gear and other safety protection devices with real一time monitoring and multiple protection to ensure safety.

  • ◆ The Panoramic lift monitoring subsystem integrated into the control system instantly detects any unexpected movement of lift car.
  • ◆ Infrared COL covers the entire car door to ensure passengers enter and leave the car safely.
  • ◆ The sightseeing lift integrated ascending overspeed protection device and unexpected movement stop subsystem keeps the lift car stopped status.
  • ◆ The Observation elevator automatic braking force self-monitoring system verifies the reliability of the braking force constantly.
  • ◆ High-duty landing door effectively prevents passengers from falling into the hoistway.
  • ◆ Door system deterrent device prevents passengers from opening the car door from.

Prevent Accidental Movement Of Car

When the elevator is in the leveling device and the door is not closed if the elevator moves unexpectedly  the CUMP safety device immediately starts protection to ensure the elevator operation.

Speed Limiter

When the sightseeing lift exceeds the standard speed limit, the speed governor cuts off the safety circuit to ensure that the Observation elevator stops running.


It can absorb the normal impact energy of the elevator to the greatest extent, and ensure the safety of the passenger elevator.


When the Panoramic Elevators exceeds the standard speed, the safety gear will act through the speed limiter linkage to ensure the safety stop of the Panoramic Elevators.

VVVF inverter control integrated controller

The Sightseeing Lifts integrated controller is an intelligent control system integrating computer technology, automatic control technology, network communication technology and motor vector drive technology. It has an international advanced level.

VVVF frequency conversion door machine system

Advanced VVVF transformer and synchronous control technology are applied to the Sightseeing Lifts door machine system to ensure smooth and quiet opening and closing of Sightseeing Lifts doors.

Energy saving

We are committed to improving space utilization and reducing construction costs for customers.

PM synchronous traction machine and integrated controller with compact size and layout reduce the area of machine room.

The area of the machine room is the same as the area of the hoistway. which is only 50% of the area of the traditional machine room.

The machine roomless Observation Elevators saves more building space.

Adhering to the product development pnilosophy of "energy-saving and environmental protection",we apply advanced green technology to produce low-energy consumption products.

Product energy efficiency class reaches Level A.

Digital frequency conversion technology and PM synchronous traction technology adjust motor current in real time and greatly reduce the average current during motor operation to save energy.

The lighting system adopts LED technology that features high efficiency,energy saving,long life,environmental protection, no radiation,easy maintenance to create a lowcarbon life.

High performance

A number of comfort configurations ensure a smooth and peaceful ride.

The control system adopts a dual 32-bit processor, which is fast in operation, accurate in data processing with enhanced stability.

Integrated control and drive realize a compact structure. simplify external wiring and improve operational reliability.

Software and hardware redundancy design, multi-level fault handling minimize the occurrence of stop and ensure safe operation of elevators.

Control system integrated with torque compensation technology without weighing and distance-based direct docking technology provides good start-stop comfort and riding efficiency.

We can increase the lift car to 2400cm-2500cm according to the customer's requirements. Compared with the traditional lift car.It's 100cm-200cm high providing more spacious transportation space for passengers.

Braille button reflects humane care

The intelligent and systematic expert group control management based on FNN theory realizes elevator configuration according to passenger flow, improves elevator utilization, reduces waiting time and optimizes riding experience.

Excellent performance: each elevator prepares for all the calls and the system controls that the elevator operates in the best way.


The traction system, door system and other main component systems passed rigorous reliability tests to ensure the reliable operation of Observation Elevators in the long-term heavy-load conditions.

The button with the anti-drop design is robust and reliable endure improper use. High-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine.

  • ◆ High magnetic flux density electromagnetic structure features high efficiency and low noise.
  • ◆ More uniform force and a more stable structure effectively reduce the wear of the traction wire rope and prolong the service life of bearings.
  • ◆ High peak torque and strong overload capacity enable stable and reliable operation.
















































































Machine room Organic semi-circular technical parameters

Machine roomless Organic semi-circular technical parameters


Machine roomless Organic Square technical parameters


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Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., a professional Custom Panoramic Elevator Manufacturers and Observation Elevators Suppliers and Factory in China. Company is located in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang. We are an elevator company that mainly integrates design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service. Our products include:passenger elevators,home elevators, sightseeing elevators, moving walks, escalators, car elevators, hospital elevators, shopping cart escalators and other types of electric and various elevator accessories, to provide you with choices. Now wel are exporting our products over the 30 countries in the world.
Before placing an order, we will customize the elevators for you according to the different requirements of the customer, such as the specific specifications of the elevator shaft size, the height of the floor, the design of the machine room, the size of the elevator car. We know that every customer has different requirements for elevators, which is why customization is one of our top priorities. We offer Custom Panoramic sightseeing lift. Another feature we are very proud of is that we provide our customers with free elevator civil drawings before placing an order, customizing the products according to the customer's individual requirements, and attaching the complete English assembly instruction manual to the final delivery, so that the customer can understand Our customized products work without any difficulty.

Industry Related Introduction

What is Panoramic Elevators?
Panoramic elevators are elevators that have walls made entirely of glass, allowing for a panoramic view of the surrounding area. They are often used in skyscrapers, hotels, and other buildings where the view is a major selling point. They are also called glass elevators or scenic elevators. The glass walls in panoramic elevators are typically made of tempered glass, which is stronger and safer than regular glass.
Panoramic elevators are elevators that have large glass walls or panels, allowing passengers to see the outside view while they travel up or down in the building. These elevators are often used in skyscrapers, hotels, and other buildings that have a view worth showing off. They can also be used in atriums or other open spaces to provide an additional architectural feature.
what are the characteristics of Panoramic Lifts?
Panoramic lifts, also known as observation lifts, have several characteristics that make them unique. Some of these characteristics include:
Large windows or glass walls: Panoramic lifts have large windows or glass walls, which allows riders to have a panoramic view of the surroundings.
Open design: The open design of the lift car allows for an unobstructed view.
Slow speeds: Panoramic lifts typically move at slower speeds than traditional elevators, which allows riders to better enjoy the view.
 Special lighting: Panoramic lifts often have special lighting to enhance the view at night.
Use in tourist attractions: Panoramic lifts are often used in tourist attractions such as observation decks, skyscrapers, and other tall buildings.
Safety features: Panoramic lifts are equipped with safety features such as emergency brakes and alarms to ensure the safety of riders.

What maintenance is required for observation elevators?

Maintenance for observation elevators is crucial to ensure their safe and reliable operation over time. The specific maintenance requirements may vary based on the elevator model, manufacturer recommendations, and local regulations, but generally, th...


Are there energy-efficient options available for shopping cart elevators?

There are energy-efficient options available for shopping cart elevators. Manufacturers and designers of elevators, including those designed for shopping carts, are increasingly focusing on energy efficiency to align with sustainable practices and me...


What maintenance and servicing requirements are associated with shopping cart elevators?

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