Intellectual straight-rail stair chair lift
Stair chair lift can help the old /disabled to independently up /down the stairs. It solves the problem
of difficult up /down with convenient installation. It operates along the rail left /right of the stairs.
It does not destroy any family facilities. It is especially suitable for decorated houses.Stair chair lift

applies combination of steel structure, aluminum alloy casting and combustible plastic housing
with safe and reliable properties, popular and attractive outline.

Intellectual auxiliary hoist intellectual hoist electric balancing device
Excellent design of intellectual hoist Ai system ensures that operator is in the correct ergonomics position. Meanwhile, it can fully control the load. Control handle is equipped with programming software. It can be tailor-made according to the clients' application requirements.Linear instinct induced handle controls the intellectual hoist servo system. Therefore it can train less operators. Handle is reacted by instant touch. Hold and operate it to move the load.

Curved Stair Lift

* A new design concept from the UK

* The latest control technology in the whole industry

* Double-tube steel rail, track angle 0-52 degrees

* Armrests, leather cushions, and footrests are fordable design

* All new swivel seat design

* Ergonomic control lever design

* Electronic self-locking seat belt

* Seven-layer safety protection system for the whole machine

*LCD status and diagnostic display

* Sensitive safety sensor

* Over-speed safety protection system

* Intelligent call service system

* Built-in battery management system

* Set up multiple charging piles

* Electric foot pedal optional

*Maximum load of standard model 120KG

*The maximum load of the heavier model is 160KG

Overspeed safety protection system
During the operation of the Aoma stairlift, if the running speedexceeds the
safe speed set by the system, the whole machine will immediately cut off the
power supply to stop running and mechanically brake to ensure absolute
safety. In this case, please contact our after-sales service engineer to check and
repair for you Maintain it to return to normal use.
Intelligent call service system
Aoma stairlift remote control system. In the case of inching function,
colleagues have also added linkage function. Users can freely choose
according to their needs. The remote control can control the stairlift
to move up or down automatically. The operation is simple and

LED status and diagnostic display

Leather seat back cushion standard color

The LCD display screen displays the running status and fault code of the stairlift in real time. If you encounter a problem during operation, you can refer to the user manual for diagnosis and solution based on the code on the LCD display.
Common problems can be diagnosed by themselves and normal operation can be resumed. There no need to contact an after-sales service engineer.
PU seat back cushion standard color
A variety of seat back cushion styles and colors are available. If you have special requirements, we can customize it according to your preferences and needs.


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