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Dumbwaiter elevators are flexible and durable are for scientific transport of small cargo and create beautiful exquisite lives.
It applies the advanced industrial computer panel control the technological design with a novel structure. It features as safe, reliable and smooth running, convenient operation etc. The Kitchen elevator cabin and hoist-way door adopt stainless steel hairline for the manufacture. It is deluxe and attractive. Dumbwaiter elevators can use single/multiple separators in the elevator cabin to fully use the space and increase efficiency.

Kitchen elevator Usage: Usually used for food and small freight delivery. Customizable.
Application: Residential & Home & Restaurant, Commercial, Other...

Slideway with the novel design

The Dumbwaiter elevators double section bars special slideway with unique design: The mid part runs through door slider connection. It reinforces the smooth elevator door opening/closing reduces door clearance. It is convenient for installation and adjustment.

Rich specification model
Load range: 50kg- -300kg. Speed: 0.4m/s- -1.0m/s. Door opening mode is divided into window sill type with direct goods entry/ exit, floor type which is convenient for tolley entry/exit.

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Standard configuration
★ Special traction machine for dumbwaiter lifts

★ Special T-type guide rail for dumbwaiter lifts

★ Mechanical and electrical integration hall door lock for dumbwaiter lifts

★ The stop device of the hoistway door and car door improves the safety factor of 

the operation.

★ All of the car, hoistway door and operating penal are made of stainless steel

★ Hall call equipped with floor indication, opening and closing status indication, 

arrival indication and layer selection instruction.
Optional configuration

★Car door (material, stainless steel)

★ Hall intercom function

★ Door Janmb made of stainless steel

★ Guide rail (solid T-type guide rail)

★ Overall paint frame

★ 220v frequency conversion control
Standard configuration

★ Dumbwaiter lift function -Base station call box, used to control circuit for starting and shutting down
the lift.

★ Running fault protection function --When Dumbwaiter elevators exceeding normal running time of 10 seconds, the lift stops
running, to prevent motor burn out.

★  Fault display function ----The Kitchen elevator diagnosis of the fault is showed in the form of code.

★  Fault self-dlagnosls function ---Kitchen elevator be able to diagnose the fault phenomenon and reason.

★ Self-recovery Insurance function ---Control signal circuit such as short circuit insurance is 
automatically disconnected, the insurance will automatically switch on after the fault is cleared.

★ Contactor adhesion protection function ----If the contactor coil is power-lossing and, the contact 
point is not broken, it can prevent running again to ensure the safety.

★ Call response function ---Press the call button, the number indicators of the called floor lights, lights
off after arriving and undoing the memory.

★ Beep prompt function ----Having the arrival beep prompt function.

★ Door status of open& close indicating function -The lift opens the door after arriving the station, the
digital displays the door is open and prompts this ladder is used in this layer.

★ Running direction display function ---Running direction with up and down emitting arrow display.

Floor display function ----Each floor the lift running has a digital display.


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Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd.is a professional Custom Dumbwaiter Elevator Manufacturers and Kitchen Elevators Suppliers and Factory in China. Company is located in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang. We are an elevator company that mainly integrates design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service. Our products include:passenger elevators,home elevators, sightseeing elevators, moving walks, escalators, car elevators, hospital elevators, shopping cart escalators and other types of electric and various elevator accessories, to provide you with choices. Now wel are exporting our products over the 30 countries in the world.
Before placing an order, we will customize the elevators for you according to the different requirements of the customer, such as the specific specifications of the elevator shaft size, the height of the floor, the design of the machine room, the size of the elevator car. We know that every customer has different requirements for elevators, which is why customization is one of our top priorities. We offer Custom Kitchen Dumbwaiter Elevators. Another feature we are very proud of is that we provide our customers with free elevator civil drawings before placing an order, customizing the products according to the customer's individual requirements, and attaching the complete English assembly instruction manual to the final delivery, so that the customer can understand Our customized products work without any difficulty.

Industry Related Introduction

What is Dumbwaiter Elevator?
A dumbwaiter is a small elevator or lift that is typically used to transport food and other small items between floors of a building, such as in a restaurant or hotel. They are often found in kitchens or dining areas, and are designed to be smaller and less complex than regular elevators. Dumbwaiters can be manually or electronically operated.
They are typically found in restaurants, hospitals, and other buildings where items need to be moved between floors. Dumbwaiters are smaller and less complex than full-size elevators and are often operated manually or with a simple control system. They are often used to transport food, laundry, and other small items between floors.
How should it be maintained Dumbwaiter Elevator?
A dumbwaiter elevator should be maintained by a professional elevator technician or contractor. Regular maintenance should include inspections, lubrication of mechanical parts, and testing of safety features such as brakes and alarms. Additionally, any repairs or replacements needed should be made in a timely manner. It is also important to ensure that the dumbwaiter is being used within its weight and size limitations to avoid any potential damage or unsafe operation.
what are the characteristics of Kitchen Dumbwaiter Elevators?
A kitchen dumbwaiter elevator is a small freight elevator that is typically used to transport food, dishes, and other small items between the kitchen and other floors in a building. Some of the characteristics of kitchen dumbwaiter elevators include:
Small size: Kitchen dumbwaiters are typically smaller than regular elevators, with dimensions that allow them to fit in tight spaces such as between walls or in closets.
Capacity: They typically have a lower weight capacity, usually around 50-150 pounds, and are typically not intended to transport people.
Speed: They have a slower speed than regular elevators, usually around 30 feet per minute.
Simple controls: They typically have simple controls, such as buttons to call the elevator to a specific floor, and a gate or door to keep items inside the elevator during transport.
Safety features: They are equipped with safety features such as door interlocks and overspeed governors to prevent accidents.
Cost-effective: Dumbwaiters are generally more cost-effective than larger elevators, requiring less space and less complex equipment.

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