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Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiter elevators of General Elevator are flexible and durable are for scientific transport of small cargos and create beautiful exquisite lives.
It applies the advanced industrial computer panel control the technological design with a novel structure. It features as safe, reliable and smooth running, convenient operation etc. The car and hoist-way door adopt stainless steel hairline for the manufacture. It is deluxe and attractive. It can use single/multiple separators in the elevator car to fully use the space and increase efficiency.

Slideway with the novel design

The double section bars special slideway with unique design: The mid part runs through door slider connection. It reinforces the smooth elevator door opening/closing reduces door clearance. It is convenient for installation and adjustment.

Rich specification model
Load range: 50kg- -300kg. Speed: 0.4m/s- -1.0m/s. Door opening mode is divided into window sill type with direct goods entry/ exit, floor type which is convenient for tolley entry/exit.








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