Home elevator(Small Type Optional)

At Aoma Home elevator,  Safety and Energy-saving is a always concept from production to use. We use the optimized drive system and noiseless control circuit combined with the car with a good sound insulation effect to make the elevator more stable and quiet in the operation process. A complete set of carefully configured safety protection system guarantees every operation. 

Application: Indoor & Outdoor
Elevator types: Hydraulic, Traction, machine-room-less(MRL), Vacuum



Ceiling: Hairline Stainless Steel, LED light, acrylic board
Car Wall: Hairline Stainless Steel
Floor: PVC or Marble


Ceiling: painted steel plate, wood
trim for LED Lamp Lighting
Car wall: wall cloth, decorative picture, rear wall imitation wood grain
Handrails: No
Floor: Parquet PVC or marble


Ceiling: white lacquered wooden frame, decorative chandeliers, LED lighting
Car wall: wood finish, parquet
Handrail: None
Floor: PVC (Marble optional)


Ceiling: Painted wood, acrylic, LED lights
Car wall: Painted wooden board, beauty mirror
Armrest: None
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Rose gold stainless steel,
acrylic lighting
Car wall: Rose gold stainless steel,
sightseeing glass
Handrail: Rose gold stainless steel
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: champagne gold stainless steel frame, downlight, European dome light
Car wall: champagne gold stainless steel, mirror stainless steel
Armrest: champagne gold stainless steel and solid wood combination
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: Wooden shape, acrylic lighting, LED lights
Car wall: Solid wood paint, titanium mirror etched stainless steel
Handrail: None
Floor: PVC (standard) marble (optional)


Ceiling: solid white paint frame, LED light
Car wall: off-white paint on the side wall, decorative painting, rose gold mirror stainless steel with marble pattern on the back wall
Floor: PVC or marble (optional)


Ceiling: stainless steel mirror cutout plate and white transparent plate, hairline stainless steel frame, led downlight
Car wall: titanium, mirror, etching, hairline, and grain
Handrail: stainless steel tube titanium metal triple combination
Floor:PVC or Marble (Optional)


Section bar: Beige
Ceiling: Sun and Star
Side wall: Beige decoration panel
Rear wall: Beige decoration panel
Floor: PVC
Door plank: Transparent glass
Door handle: Titanium gold
stainless steel














Disable person COP











The Home elevator traction system, door system and other main component systems passed rigorous reliability tests to ensure the reliable operation of elevators in the long-term. heavy-load conditions.

The button with the anti-drop design is robust and reliable, endure improper use .

◆ High magnetic flux density electromagnetic structure features high efficiency and low noise.

◆ More uniform force and a more stable structure effectively reduce the wear of the traction wire rope and prolong the service life of bearings.

◆ High peak torque and strong overload capacity enable stable and reliable operation.

◆ Unique stator and rotor manufacturing processes ensure low-temperature rise and long service life of the Villa elevator motor.

Adhering to the product development philosophy of "energy-saving and environmental protection", we apply advanced green technology to produce low-energy consumption products.

The Villa elevator product energy efficiency class reaches Level A.

Digital frequency conversion technology and PM synchronous traction technology adjust motor current in real-time and greatly reduce the average current during motor operation to save energy.

The Home Lifts lighting system adopts LED technology that features high efficiency, energy saving,long life, environmental protection, no radiation. easy maintenance to create a low carbon life.


safety: Only the beginning and no end

Therefore, we believe that safety is the first element throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

Research and Development:

National standards are strictly implemented. Products are equipped with ACOP. UCMP. high-duty landing door, deterrent device, over-speed governor, safety gear and other safety protection devices with real-time monitoring and multiple protection to ensure safety.

  • ◆ Infrared COL covers the entire car door to ensure passengers enter and leave the Home Lifts safely.
  • ◆ High-duty landing door effectively prevents passengers from falling into the hoistway.
  • ◆ The Home Lifts door system deterrent device prevents passengers from opening the car door.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine

Adopting rare earth material, it fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control technology with high efficiency, energy-saving, less operating costs and low heat dissipation.

VVVF Elevator Controls System-Integrated Control System

Elevator Controls System-Integrated Control System, an intelligent control system integrating computer technology, automatic control technology, network communication technology and Home Lifts motor vector drive technology has an internationally advanced level.

Elevator Door Operator(VVVF)

Elevator Door Operator(VVVF) applied to the elevator door and door machine system ensures the elevator door works smoothly. The Home Lifts door load detector with self-learning ability can improve the sensitivity of the door and monitor the load change to ensure safety and reliability.

Safety gear

When the Home Elevator speed exceeds the standard limit speed the overspeed Governor cuts off the safety circuit to make the Home Elevator stop.

Safety Gear

When the Villa elevator exceeds the limit speed the safety gear is activated by the linkage of the overspeed Governor to ensure that the Villa elevator can be safely stopped.


It can absorb the abnormal impact energy of the elevator to the greatest extent as a way to ensure the safety of Villa elevator passengers which is the third protection.

Infrared light curtain protection technology

The "protective net" of the infrared light curtain covers the entire car door. When a person or cargo is detected to enter or exit the car, the Home elevator door automatically opens and is in the open state to ensure the safety of passengers in and out .

Power failure emergency leveling device

When the Home elevator accidentally loses power, so the passengers are trapped the device will automatically switch to emergency operation. The elevator will stop at the nearest floor with the battery and automatically open the door to ensure passenger safety. This device is upgraded for you to standard configuration for the Villa elevator.

Landing Door Series













































































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Zhejiang Aoma Elevator Co., Ltd.is a professional Custom Home Elevator Manufacturers and Home Lifts Suppliers and Factory in China. Company is located in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang. We are an elevator company that mainly integrates design, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service. Our products include:passenger elevators,home elevators, sightseeing elevators, moving walks, escalators, car elevators, hospital elevators, shopping cart escalators and other types of electric and various elevator accessories, to provide you with choices. Now wel are exporting our products over the 30 countries in the world.
Before placing an order, we will customize the elevators for you according to the different requirements of the customer, such as the specific specifications of the elevator shaft size, the height of the floor, the design of the machine room, the size of the elevator car. We know that every customer has different requirements for elevators, which is why customization is one of our top priorities. We offer Custom Villa Elevator. Another feature we are very proud of is that we provide our customers with free elevator civil drawings before placing an order, customizing the products according to the customer's individual requirements, and attaching the complete English assembly instruction manual to the final delivery, so that the customer can understand Our customized products work without any difficulty.

Industry Related Introduction

What is Home Elevators?
A Villa Elevator is an elevator that is typically installed in a private residence, rather than a commercial or public building. These elevators can be used to provide accessibility to upper floors for people with mobility limitations or to simply make it easier to move heavy items between levels. Villa elevators can come in a variety of styles, including traditional elevator cabs or more modern, open-concept designs. They can also be customized to match the aesthetic of the home.
Home elevators are elevators that are installed in private residences, typically in multi-level homes. They are designed to provide increased mobility and accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities, as well as for those who simply want the convenience of being able to move between levels of their home without having to use stairs. Home elevators can be powered by electricity or by a hydraulic system, and can come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the needs of the homeowner.
what are the characteristics of Home Lifts?
Home lifts are designed to provide convenient and accessible vertical transportation within a residential setting. Some characteristics of home lifts include:
Compact size: Home lifts are typically smaller and more compact than commercial or public elevators, to fit in the limited space of a private residence.
Safety features: Home lifts are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, alarm systems, and automatic doors to ensure the safety of passengers.
Variety of styles: Home lifts come in a variety of styles to match the aesthetic of different homes, including traditional, contemporary, and bespoke designs.
Customizable: Home lifts can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements, such as wheelchair accessibility or special finishes.
Low maintenance: Home lifts typically require little maintenance, making them a convenient option for homeowners.
Cost: Home lifts are generally more expensive than stairlifts, but less expensive than commercial elevators.

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