Escalators are suitable for shopping malls, hotels, shopping centers, convention centers and other business's business premises. The installation layout is highly flexible to meet the creative space of the architect and the individual needs of the user. Make full use of the programmable electronic safety system technology and adopt the new design concept of the safety bus. All devices are connected to the nearest control board according to the nearest principle, which reduces the degree of interference and improves the reliability of the system. Built-in diagnostic equipment enables quick and effective troubleshooting. It integrates energy-saving functions such as frequency conversion and automatic restart to save energy facilitate operation and improve energy efficiency.


safety: Only the beginning and no end

Therefore, we believe that safety is the first element throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

Research and Development:

National standards are strictly implemented. Products are equipped with various safety devices such as an unintentional reversal device, an Overspeed/under-speed protection device, a handrail inlet guard, a comb plate safety device, anti-flipping device for the floor etc, with real-time monitoring and multiple protection to ensure safety.

  • ◆ The integrated design of safety and logic boards enables faster and more stable data processing speed.
  • ◆ The double independent speed sensors perform real-time monitoring on any state (running, stopping, standby etc.) of an escalator/moving walk.
  • ◆ The self-detected system ensures component detection effective, safe and reliable constantly.
  • ◆ The automatic brake monitoring system verifies the reliability of the braking force constantly.
  • ◆ More than 40 safety features, combined with scientific design, sophisticated technology and strict quality control, eliminate risks and ensure safety.



  • ◆ The drive unit that uses high-precision reducer and 6-pole motor feature high torque, low noise. stable transmission and good shock absorption.
  • ◆Finite element analysis is used in truss system design to achieve stable structure, high rigidity and strong supporting capacity. Angle steel is applied in the structure and corrosion
  • ◆ High-duty structural design, reliable transmission components and different waterproof and anti-corrosion treatments enable the product to adapt to various installation environments.

High performance

A number of comfort configurations ensure a smooth and peaceful ride.

The integrated rail system and intelligent operation control system ensure efficient and quiet operation.

The escalator width design which is narrower than traditional products reduces floor space under the premise of ensuring the transport capacity.

Low-speed high-torque drive unit operates stably with low noise bringing a comfortable riding experience.

The full skirt deflector provides protection against the clamped risk between the skirt panel and the step.

The powerful central processing system

◆ Three 32一bit processors and ARM-chip logic boards have powerful processing capacity, outstanding performance and stable operation.
◆ The integration of multiple features for the detection of phase loss, phase error and voltage imbalance etc. ensures safe operation.
◆ Pulse data is obtained during operation of the main driving chain wheel step and handrail through the self-learning feature to ensure accurate operation of the equipment with the real-time comparison.
◆ The detection circuit uses DC24V safety voltage and independent monitoring to ensure safety and reliability.
◆ SVT technology is used to debug the server which is easy to operate and understand.
◆ Mobile APP and offline upgrade of the OMU system make maintenance convenient.
◆ Advanced lead-free technology is applied to protect the environment.

Energy saving


Three energy-saving operation modes are available, with a power-saving of more than 30% maximum.

Standard function
Frequency conversion: use full一frequency drive; starting current increases steadily until the speed of 0.5m/s. If no one steps onto the escalator within the set time, it enters the energy-saving status and runs at a speed of 0.2m/s. If someone steps onto the escalator again it accelerates to 0.5m/s. The speed cycle is changed as follows: Om/s->O.5m/s 4O.2m/s->0.5m/s.

Optional function
Frequency conversion+automatic restart: use full-frequency drive likewise start current increases steadily to run at a speed of 0.5m/s. If no one steps onto the escalator within the set time, it enters the energy-saving status and runs at a speed of 0.2m/s. If someone steps onto the escalator again, it accelerates to 0.5m/s. If no one steps onto the escalator within the set time, it stops and enters the standing status until someone steps on again. The escalator then restarts and accelerates to 0.5m/s. The speed cycle is changed as follows: 0m/s->0.5m/s->0.2m/s->0m/s->0.5m/s.

Optional function
Star Delta+automatic restart: use start delta to drive. The escalator runs at a speed of 0.5m/s after started; if no one steps onto the escalator within the set time. enters the energy-saving status meanwhile it stops and stands by. If someone steps onto the escalator again it accelerates to 0.5m/s. The speed cycle is changed as follows: 0m/s->0.Sm/s->3,0m/s->0.5m/s.

The lighting system fully adopts LED technology, featured by high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, environmental protection, no radiation, and easy maintenance. creates a low carbon life.

Easy maintenance

The modular design maximizes the diversity and interchangeability of components.

The electrical system adopts a modular plug-in connection program.

Sufficient working space that makes maintenance safer.

An intelligent lubrication device is configurable equipped to fully lubricate moving parts and keep the equipment running smoothly at all times.

Complete safety detection, diagnosis, and record directly reflect the running status of the equipment and the maintenance is no longer complicated.

△ Independent fault detection makes maintenance convenient by a quick search of fault output and record.

△ 1,000 fault records storage for easy traceability.

Interrupted arrangements

Such an arrangement covers a small space with a flexible escalator position. It can only fulfill a one-way intermittent passenger flow. It is most applicable to small shopping centers and supermarkets.

Paralleled & continuous arrangements

Such an arrangement is mainly applicable for large shopping centers and public traffic occasions with large passenger flow. It needs no inside baffle. It is very economical.

Cross & continuous arrangements

Such an arrangement is mainly applicable to large department stores and public buildings. Delivery times between various floors in those places can be reduced as little as possible.

Continuous arrangement

Such an arrangement is bigger than the space required by the intermittent arrangement. It can fulfill one-way continuous passenger flow. It is most applicable to medium and small department stores and shopping centers.


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