What are the precautions for the use of freight elevators

Abstract:Escalators, freight elevators, and home elevators are a […]

Escalators, freight elevators, and home elevators are a kind of vertical transportation tools developed and combined with the construction of high-rise buildings. In modern society, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation for mankind. According to statistics, there are more people taking elevators than other means of transportation every day. In today's world, the use of elevators has become one of the indicators to measure the degree of modernization.
The basic specifications of the elevator include purpose, load, speed, drag mode, control mode, car size and door type, etc. These aspects determine the service objects, transportation capacity, work performance and requirements of the elevator shaft machine room, so they are called the basic specifications. These collocation methods are called the series type spectrum of elevators. Freight elevators are special equipment that involves life safety and greater danger. In order to standardize the use of freight elevators and ensure correct, safe use of functions, please introduce the precautions in use:

1. The cargo elevator is strictly prohibited to carry people

2. It is strictly forbidden to hit the elevator door and carriage to avoid damage to the door interlock and failure of the freight elevator.

3. It is strictly forbidden to knock, pickle or lean against the closed elevator door to prevent accidents.

4. Before entering and exiting the car, the floor number must be clear, and only when the floor of the car is flush with the floor and the car door is fully opened can you enter and exit.

5. When the freight elevator is about to close, it is strictly prohibited to reach into the door gap with your hands and feet to try to open the elevator door to prevent pinching.

6. Keep the elevator clean and sanitary. It is strictly prohibited to smoke, spit or throw garbage in the elevator.

7. It is strictly forbidden to load flammable, explosive, long and heavy items and corrosive items.

8. Special care should be taken when cargo elevators move goods, and do not touch the car doors and wall panels.

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