How to solve the noise of the Home lift

Abstract:Many elevators are noisy when they are used, which make […]

Many elevators are noisy when they are used, which makes it uncomfortable to hear. If a Home lift is installed in the home, it will be even more uncomfortable. So how can the Home lift solve the noise problem?
1. The electromagnetic radiation noise of the power distribution cabinet is also one of the strong pollution sources. The composite foundation with the lowest excitation frequency of 1HZ is used for the power distribution cabinet foundation; the incoming and outgoing wires are treated with soft contact, and the rigid connection between the building and the floor is disconnected to form a "sound bridge" , Cut off electromagnetic low-frequency noise from the source.
2. If there is a noise problem caused by the friction of the main guide rail of the car and the counterweight transmitted to the hoistway structure, use the elevator guide rail vibration and noise reduction device to reduce the structural sound transmission of this kind of hoistway.
3. The original elevator main engine and the foundation of the power distribution cabinet are rigidly connected to the reinforced concrete of the building, which becomes the "sound bridge" for the main transmission of elevator noise. The original foundation was transformed into a composite broadband K value (neck coefficient) vibration reduction and noise reduction foundation to isolate the propagation path of low-frequency noise.
Fundamentally and truly solve the problem of elevator low-frequency resonance noise pollution. From the architectural design of the elevator sound source and elevator low-frequency resonance noise, it is the most fundamental, scientific, and most sustainable and effective solution to take into account the targeted vibration reduction and isolation.
The future market capacity of Home lifts in my country is very considerable:
One is the rapid development of the real estate market, and the demand for Home lifts continues to expand. Experts estimate that my country's new housing area will reach 20 billion square meters in 2019. Although news of strict control of villa land is endless, villa land still occupies a considerable proportion, and the second child is open, more families need larger Living space, villa decoration market will usher in a wave of peaks in 2019-2020, and the demand for Home lifts is also very considerable.
Second, the construction of second- and third-tier cities has accelerated. After 20 years of development, the urbanization level of some developed areas has reached 80%, which is basically saturated, and even has a trend of counter-urbanization. In recent years, the growth rate of the gross national product in the western region has been consistent with the GDP level required for the rapid development of the demand for Home lifts.

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