How to extend the service life of home elevators

Abstract:While the home elevator brings us convenience, it is ve […]

While the home elevator brings us convenience, it is very important to extend its service life when in use, and it is necessary to master the method. So how to extend the service life of home villa elevators?

1. Do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation of the car and floor car doors, clean the car chute and ensure the normal opening and closing of the indoor elevator doors.
2. It is strictly forbidden to operate overloaded household elevators, and it is strictly forbidden to transport or unknown items.
3. Use the triangular key to open the door in domestic elevator operation.
4. The home elevator is tested before being put into use to check whether all parts of the elevator are working normally, whether there are abnormal sounds and smells, whether the ventilation and lighting are good, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena.
5. Operational procedures for trapped rescue of home elevators. The home elevator administrator or rescuer should keep in touch with the trapped person, stay calm and wait for rescue. The trapped person cannot take any body parts out of the car; accurately determine the position of the car to ensure The car door is closed reliably; use the triangle key to open the car door and car door; close the car door, fill in the rescue records and files, and notify the family elevator maintenance unit for handling.
6. In the event of a fire, the family elevator shall not be allowed to escape. The home elevator administrator should immediately press the "fire switch" to make the home elevator enter the fire operation state, and when the home elevator reaches the base station, guide passengers to get off the car quickly. If there is a fire in the well or in the car, try to evacuate the car as soon as possible near the level station. The elevator management personnel cut off the power supply of the elevator and used a heat-preserving fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. After a fire occurs, the home elevator maintenance personnel must strictly inspect or repair the elevator before it can be put into use again.
7. After the home elevator door triangle key is unlocked, it is necessary to check whether the emergency unlocking device is reliably reset to prevent the back door from being effectively unlocked.
When the home elevator fails to run, the emergency alarm device should be activated. The family elevator management personnel should immediately cut off the power supply of the family elevator, and notify the family elevator maintenance unit to deal with it in time.

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