Why does the home elevator make abnormal noise

Abstract:Nowadays, many people have modified some domestic eleva […]

Nowadays, many people have modified some domestic elevators in their homes in order to have different decoration and design effects in small apartment homes. However, after the home elevators have been used for a long time, there will be some situations. The more common ones are abnormal noises. The reason, then what is the reason for the abnormal noise of the home elevator?
The home elevator did not slow down and turned off, the door quickly closed and there was a knocking sound. Reason: The speed limit cannot be reduced when the door is closed. The shop closing speed limit was eliminated and it could not be opened. Turn off the speed reduction resistor has been burned out or the middle ring is in poor contact with the heating wire.
The home elevator did not slow down. There was a crash. Reason: When the door is open, it is impossible to limit the speed of opening and closing the door. The speed limit of opening and closing the door is removed and cannot be opened. When the door is opened, the speed reducing resistor has been burned out or the middle ring is in poor contact with the heating wire.
The home elevator is very slow and cannot open or close the door. Reason: Decrease speed limit to open or close, open or close? The door cannot only be closed (JKM and JGM are all operating normally). The reason: it may be that the terminal device of the door is restricted and closed all the time.
The home elevator door can't be opened, it's just about to drop (JKM and JGM are all operating normally). Reason: It is possible that the limit of the door opening terminal is broken and opened from beginning to end? The door cannot be opened or closed (JKM and JGM all operate normally). The reason: It may be that the total resistor of the discharge port has been burned.
After common failures of home elevators occur, they should be carefully disassembled, cleaned, and accurately measured in accordance with the relevant technical standards. The common failures should be clarified based on the inspections, and maintenance or replacement should be carried out based on the wear and damage of the equipment. After maintenance or replacement of home elevator components, they must be carefully adjusted and adjusted before they can be delivered to use. The reason for the noise in the home elevator after a long time is analyzed here.
During the operation period of the home elevator, some tightening screws were loosened or loosened due to vibration, prompting some components, especially fitness sports components, to work abnormally, causing the home elevator to be destroyed. Because of the imbalance of the home elevator balance index, or the severe tremor or leveling precision of the car, the relatively serious load is very poor. The speed of the home elevator cannot be controlled, and even the top or bottom end, resulting in elevator speed limiter-safety The clamps moved and the home elevator stopped.

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