What are the installation standards for home elevators

Abstract:What are the installation standards for home elevators? […]

What are the installation standards for home elevators? Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people install home elevators, which is also a manifestation of the improvement of people’s economic level. For home elevators, we must install them well so that they can be packaged and used safely.
The installation of household ladders mainly has the following standards:
1. Determine the home elevator according to the installation location. The specific installation location can be installed in the middle of the indoor stairs, or the elevator shaft can be built separately, and some owners will choose to install it next to the wall. No matter which installation method you choose, it must penetrate the indoor space vertically.
2. Be sure to pay attention to your home before purchasing an elevator, use the structure of the elevator itself, and ensure the safety of the elevator after it runs.
3. The installer should communicate with the owner in advance to determine the distribution location of the wires in the home, and further clarify the location of the home elevator power supply. Due to the different structure of the elevator, the location of the power supply is also different.
4. After the basic decoration of the villa is completed, the home elevator can be installed. In the installation process of household elevators, it is necessary to avoid entering too much smoke and dust. On the one hand, it is difficult to remove, on the other hand, various parts and components will enter the internal structure of the special elevator and affect the normal operation of the elevator.
5. The owner needs to communicate with the elevator production company, make preparations for installing the elevator in advance, and communicate various details in advance with the installation staff of the production company if necessary.
The above are the installation standards for home elevators. We must do a good job of testing the above work. The installation quality of home elevators is directly linked to our life safety, and we must not be careless about this.

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