The difference between hospital elevator and ordinary elevator

Abstract:Hospital elevators are not only used to transport passe […]

Hospital elevators are not only used to transport passengers, but also have special and strict requirements on the function of the elevator due to the special use. The medical elevator can accurately control the working speed of the elevator and work smoothly and comfortably. Elevators Medical elevators pay attention to humanized plans to fully optimize the car structure and meet the customer's application requirements to a greater extent. A quiet and colorful space was built for passengers. Elevator Medical elevators, with their planning concept, create harmony with the hospital environment, clean and bright space, create a comfortable environment for passengers, and add a bit of rehabilitation to patients.

With the continuous improvement and update of the energy-saving technology of medical elevators, the current more advanced elevator energy-saving technology-energy feedback technology has achieved very obvious energy-saving effects, with a power saving rate of 15% to 45%. With the rapid construction of the hospital in recent years, the number of elevators continues to increase, and it is imperative to save energy in medical elevators. Compared with other units, the number of elevators in hospitals is large, the power is large, and the power consumption is high, which makes the electricity consumption expensive. Therefore, the energy saving of medical elevators has attracted more and more attention from the society.
Ordinary elevators will generate high temperature due to high power before installing elevator energy feedback devices. In order to ensure that the temperature of the machine room is reduced to normal temperature, multiple high-power air conditioners and fans are generally used to cool down the power consumption of the equipment. It will not consume less electricity than the elevator, but after installing the electrical energy feedback device, it not only replaces the elevator resistance to work, but also reduces the temperature of the machine room, without air conditioning, fans, and doubles the overall power saving effect, which is equivalent to a "power generation" elevator . In the elevator machine room of the hospital, an elevator electric energy feedback device is installed. From the perspective of the technicians inspecting the elevator and collecting data from the elevator electric energy feedback device installed on the elevator control equipment, it can be seen that after the feedback device is installed, the electric energy generated by the motor can be fed back to the grid, saving 1500 electricity in 3 months For more than kWh, the direct energy-saving rate is as high as 45%, and the average power-saving rate is 40%. In this way, each elevator can save 6000 kWh of electricity every year.

Through the use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment-elevator electric energy feedback device, the hospital has solved the problem of a large amount of electricity expenses, promoted various saving and energy-saving measures, innovated management and operation mode, and transformed into a low-carbon and environmentally friendly "green hospital" during the creation. Good economic, social and environmental benefits have been achieved.

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