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  • How to divide the degree of elevator noise


    Nowadays, elevator noise is indeed a big problem that plagues many residents. In fact, this is due to the fact that many companies have failed to meet the requirements of the installation quality duri...

  • Which elevator is more suitable for old buildings


    Which type of elevator is more suitable for old buildings? Some media say that the bus elevator is a better mode of operation. Many cities across the country are promoting the installation of elevator...

  • Elevator buffer performance and related principles


    In our daily life, the elevator is a thing we often use. Especially in some office buildings, the usage rate of elevators is very high. Many people are very curious about why elevators can carry peopl...

  • Maintenance method of elevator inverter


    Regarding the daily maintenance of elevator inverters: now the elevators are controlled by inverters. When the inverter fails, it will cause inconvenience to many people, and it will also jeopardize t...

  • Why install glass mirrors in passenger elevators


    Expand the field of vision and improve the comfort of the ride experience With the further deepening of urbanization, elevators have become the most commonly used means of transportation for people's ...

  • Safe use and management of freight elevators


    Freight elevator is mainly planned for the transportation of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator. The freight elevator car is long and narrow. A straight elevator powered by an electric motor is...

  • Maintenance of passenger elevator brake


    The maintenance requirements of express elevators for passenger elevator brakes:1. The brake must ensure the braking force and strengthen the maintenance and inspection of the brake spring. During the...

  • Operating principle of passenger elevator


    Now I will briefly introduce Guangri Elevator. The elevator control system is composed of a PC and input and output parts. (1) Programmable Controller (PC) PC adopts 8-bit or 16-bit microprocessor as ...

  • Talking about the things you need to master when buying an elevator


    When we buy an elevator, we need to know a lot about elevators, and then the elevator maintenance company will tell you what you need to know to buy an elevator1. Choose elevator specifications. There...

  • What are the classifications of passenger elevators


    According to the driving mode, the AC elevator is divided into: an elevator with an AC induction motor as the driving force. According to the drag mode, it can be divided into AC single speed, AC doub...

  • Safety instructions for children riding escalators


    1. Do not let your children take the escalator alone. The escalator may sometimes break or turn upside down. The toothless escalator is easy to jam the child's hand. Parents should take care of the es...

  • What is the difference between passenger elevator and general elevator


    The biggest difference between the two is: general elevators do not have a fire-fighting function, and prevent everyone from taking the elevator to escape when a fire occurs.Because when it is affecte...

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