Why install glass mirrors in passenger elevators

Abstract:Expand the field of vision and improve the comfort of t […]

Expand the field of vision and improve the comfort of the ride experience

With the further deepening of urbanization, elevators have become the most commonly used means of transportation for people's daily life and travel. Every day we go to work, go home, and go shopping in shopping malls, we cannot do without elevators. The space of ordinary elevators is limited, and the confined and small spaces often make some passengers feel uneasy and even have physical discomfort. For this reason, the fast elevator adopts the installation of glass mirrors in the elevator design, which helps to expand the field of vision, enhance the sense of space, and enhance the comfort of the riding experience.

Convenient travel, caring for the travel situation of special groups

"In order to allow wheelchair users to confirm the safety of the elevator and the entrance and exit when getting on and off the elevator."-This is the most unexpected answer for the installation of glass mirrors in some elevator models. Yes, express elevators not only care for ordinary passengers, but also meet the needs of special groups of people. Because wheelchair users are often inconvenient to turn around to check the running status of the elevator behind them and the situation outside the elevator after entering the elevator, in order to provide them with aspects, express elevators choose to install glass mirrors in some types of elevators.

Prevent accidents and meet the safety needs of passengers

Express elevator always believes that safety is the basic requirement for elevator operation of producers and passengers. The high-speed elevators leading the world in production technology are very mature in terms of elevator safety and quality control technology, which can ensure the safety of passengers. However, recently there have been frequent incidents of harassment in elevators. In this regard, express elevators have designed glass mirrors for some elevator models, allowing passengers to observe their surroundings at all times, avoid threats in time, and meet the deeper safety needs of passengers.

Examine the appearance and provide space for passengers to organize

Whether it is work needs or a small gathering with relatives and friends in leisure time, we all want to show our best. The original intention of the express elevator to install glass mirrors in some models is also very considerate-in order to allow passengers to use the ten or twenty seconds to quickly check their appearance, if necessary, they can also organize them in this short time. The careful design of express elevators in the details also makes many passengers feel warm during the ride.


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