Safety instructions for children riding escalators

Abstract:1. Do not let your children take the escalator alone. T […]

1. Do not let your children take the escalator alone. The escalator may sometimes break or turn upside down. The toothless escalator is easy to jam the child's hand. Parents should take care of the escalator. Parents should let the child stand in front of their body. If the child is taller, the child can hold the handrail, and the parent can also hold the child's hand. Keep your feet away from the edge of the elevator.
2. Don't use mobile phones and tablets when taking the escalator.
3. Do not step on the yellow safety warning line and the connecting part of the two steps, and do not walk or run on the escalator to avoid the danger of falling or falling off the escalator.
4. Do not touch shoes and clothing to the escalator baffle. If there is a critical situation, there is a red button near the ground at the entrance of the elevator, which is an emergency brake button. In case of a child's hand jam, you can press this button and the elevator will stop.
5. Do not carry oversized suitcases, wheelchairs, strollers, trolleys, or other large items. Instead, use lift-type barrier-free elevators.
Sixth, do not go retrograde, climb, play, lean on, or scramble, it is best to keep a space before and after. Children cannot turn their backs to the elevator, nor can they sit on the steps, let alone run and play on the elevator in reverse. For younger children before taking the escalator for the first time, parents should teach the children how to step on the escalator as the first step. If the child is found to be unable to meet the speed of the escalator, it is better to be held by the parent. It is safer to walk on the stairs with more people.
7. Do not extend the head and limbs out of the handrail device to avoid being hit by obstacles, ceilings, and adjacent escalators. Be sure to let the child's face forward. The children may be naughty and the brains may be dangling, especially the lively boys.
8. The designer of the escalator designed a safety, that is, a red emergency stop button is set under one side of the escalator. There are both above and below the escalator. If you usually pay attention, you should know it. When a child is in danger, in addition to picking up the child in time, you also need to immediately look for the emergency stop button. This button is located at the elevator entrance handrail, the bottom of the elevator inner cover, and the middle of some large elevators. People passing by can also help. Press stop.

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