Talking about the things you need to master when buying an elevator

Abstract:When we buy an elevator, we need to know a lot about el […]

When we buy an elevator, we need to know a lot about elevators, and then the elevator maintenance company will tell you what you need to know to buy an elevator
1. Choose elevator specifications.

There is no need to say more about the choice of elevator manufacturers and brands, because today's elevator market has become a buyer's market, and you can contact as many parties as possible to choose. It should be noted that in the lobby, the size of the car doors, capsules and elevator specifications are worthwhile, try to use general standard products, because the standard size is uniform, and the relative cost is more money. Other brands, for example, two elevators, their speed, load, floor and station (door number) are the same, but a common standard size series product, but in the hall doors of other units, the size of the capsule is Standard, that is, for further separation processing, the equipment cost of the latter is about 10% ~ 10% higher than the former. Of course, if there is a similar traction elevator or other special specifications, the avoidance cost will be greater.

2. Confirm the elevator type

From the beginning of the plan, it should be clear about the buildings used, because the types of elevators used by hotels, office buildings, hospitals, residences or different uses are often very different. Once a decision is made, it is very troublesome to change again.
The purpose of the building is to determine, according to its construction area, floor (height), personnel in and out of traffic, construction and passenger flow and other factors analysis, determine the elevator speed, load (carrying load in the elevator car), the number of the elevator.

3. Elevator civil drawings drawings

The type, speed, load, set, number of floors and total height in the elevator determine the travel. You can entrust the design blueprint to the architectural design department. The elevator building (mainly the elevator shaft) must be clear. The design department must provide the same in the professional elevator manufacturer. Types of standard construction drawings, combined with building elevator shaft structures such as brick structures, different structures, brick structures and reinforced concrete structures to draw elevator construction drawings.

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