Safe use and management of freight elevators

Abstract:Freight elevator is mainly planned for the transportati […]

Freight elevator is mainly planned for the transportation of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator. The freight elevator car is long and narrow. A straight elevator powered by an electric motor is equipped with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of straight rigid guide rails.
Cargo elevator safe operation management
When the freight elevator touches the life safety and dangerous special equipment, in order to standardize the operation of the freight elevator, ensure the correct and safe operation, make use of the function of the freight elevator, and eliminate the occurrence of safety accidents. Note: The cargo elevator is forbidden to carry people, (except for cargo transportation, unloading, and material pulling personnel). ?? It is forbidden to vigorously knock the elevator door and car to avoid damage to the door interlock and cause malfunction of the freight elevator
It is forbidden to knock, pickle or lean against the closed elevator door to prevent accidents. Before entering and exiting the car, the floor number must be clear. Only when the floor of the car is flush with the floor and the car door is fully opened can you enter and exit.
When the elevator is about to be closed, it is forbidden to reach into the door gap to test to make the elevator open from the door to prevent pinching. Adhere to the cleanliness of the elevator: smoking, spitting, and throwing waste in the elevator are prohibited. It is forbidden to load flammable, explosive, long and heavy items, and corrosive items. Special care should be taken when moving goods, not to touch the car door and wall panels.
Only press the necessary buttons, don’t use hard things to hit the buttons,
The urgent call button is only used when the elevator is in abnormal operation, please do not press it randomly.
Don’t make noises and jumps in the elevator, it will cause accidents,
Vandalism, such as scribbling, is prohibited,
When riding in the elevator, you should stay calm, don’t move, press the button and call loudly to inform others to rescue.
When the elevator is in abnormal condition, (such as: the operation shakes violently, the lighting lamp does not turn on, the elevator door does not move the lamp when it is opened,)
Those who use elevators in violation of regulations will be required to compensate for their losses. If a major accident is caused, they will be sent to the relevant departments for economic and criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

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