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  • What are the safety functions of villa elevators


    The villa elevator is a home elevator. It is an elevator installed in a private residence and only used by a single family member. Many villa owners still don’t know much about some functions when pur...

  • Elevator electrical fault finding method


    When looking for a fault, do not rush to do it, you should first understand the fault phenomenon. Find the fault point by looking, smelling, asking, and listening. If the elevator equipment (such as m...

  • How to correctly ride the escalator for children


    Escalator in life This is very common in China. Although it is practical and convenient, it also has certain risks and is a place where elevator accidents occur frequently. After the escalator runs fo...

  • Analysis on the insurance scope of elevator safety liability insurance


    Do you know? Elevators also need to be insured. In this case, if an accident occurs during the normal operation of the elevator, the loss of passengers can be compensated, then what is the scope of th...

  • Matters needing attention in the appearance design of villa elevators


    There are many high-end villas, which are usually very particular in the decoration process. If our decoration effect is not good, or the decoration process cannot meet people’s living needs, it is e...

  • What are the differences between home elevators and public elevators


    When many family villas began to use home elevators, many more people were very unfamiliar with the term home elevator. The reason is mainly because the access of the elevator comes from the high-ris...

  • Elevator failure does not mean poor elevator quality


    Common mistakesMisunderstanding 1: Elevator failure equals poor elevator qualityAfter more than 100 years of development, the elevator's components, structure and control system have been quite perfec...

  • Common skills of elevator maintenance


    In daily life, many things can happen anytime and anywhere. Speaking of elevators, when the elevator suddenly breaks down and needs to be maintained and protected, it is necessary to calmly analyze, i...

  • Why should the old elevator be transformed


    The service life is more than 15 years, the failure is high, and there are hidden safety hazards.The elevator decoration is outdated, affecting the overall image.The elevator has high accuracy when ...

  • What to pay attention to when choosing an elevator


    Many friends do not know where to start when choosing an elevator. Looking at some keyword data searched by Baidu, netizens have a lot of questions about elevator price, configuration, and selection. ...

  • How to choose an elevator


    1. The selection of small home elevators needs to be considered in consideration of civil construction costs, equipment costs, and ease of use. You must choose an elevator suitable for your own family...

  • Emergency handling plan for elevator failure


    (1) People trapped in elevatorIn the event of an elevator trapping accident, the elevator maintenance staff should deal with it as follows:1. Pull off the main power of the elevator to prevent acciden...

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