How to ensure the safety of home elevators during maintenance

Abstract:It is very necessary for home elevators to be maintaine […]

It is very necessary for home elevators to be maintained regularly during use, and it is necessary to ensure relevant safety during the maintenance process. So how should the safety of home elevators be ensured during maintenance?

1. Home elevator maintenance personnel must strictly abide by electrician safety operating regulations. Pay attention to checking the discharge of the capacitor before checking the circuit.

2. Prevent electric shock accidents when entering wet workplaces. In the event of electrical equipment being flooded and water accumulated in the pit, all power should be cut off before drainage can be overhauled.

3. When carrying out electrical maintenance, inspection and other related operations, the power and control power should be disconnected, the insurance should be removed, and the sign of "personal work, no power transmission" should be hung up.

4. For the distribution lines of various electrical equipment, the types and models must be reasonably selected, and the conductor cross-section must be reasonably selected, and bare conductors must not be used. Lines should be laid in a standard manner, and should not be wound around movable parts such as steel bars, scaffolds, guide rails, and conductive objects.

5. All power lines with a voltage of 110V and a current of 15-20A must be grounded, except for temporary lighting lines. Do not connect an external socket to the lighting circuit, otherwise the circuit must be grounded.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use electricity for grounding. It is strictly forbidden to use scaffold steel pipe as the welding circuit ground wire. It is strictly forbidden to use the cable accompanying the car to carry out electric welding or other large current loads.

7. Only use tools with proper insulation when working on the circuit. Because the circuit may still be live.

8. Before starting work on equipment that is out of service, all electrical control devices and starting devices must be thoroughly inspected. If any part of the equipment has a remote control device, remove the remote control fuse, lock the power supply and mark the disconnection location or switch.

9. When you encounter an electric shock accident, don't panic. First, you must cut off the power as soon as possible. Don't directly touch the person who gets the electric shock. When the power can't be cut off, use non-conductive materials to push the injured away or cut off the power.

10. When the safety circuit of the landing door must be bypassed and operated by the bypass circuit, the elevator must be placed in the inspection state through the car top inspection box, the car inspection switch or the engine room inspection switch (if any). Only when the elevator is under inspection, can the related switch be switched to the bypass position. Whenever possible, the elevator should be operated on the top of the car whenever possible.

11. Do not stand on metal objects, wet ground or water to perform circuit operations. You must stand on a dry wooden board or rubber mat when working with electricity, and you should not work alone.

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