What functions should a home villa elevator have

Abstract:With the development of the times, elevators have been […]

With the development of the times, elevators have been popularized in life. Many villas have begun to install home villa elevators. What functions should home villa elevators have? Is it necessary to install family villa elevators? Is the family villa elevator practical? Everyone knows that nowadays aging is getting more and more serious and people are used to elevator travel. Even the distance from the first floor to the second floor wants to wait for the elevator. In many places, elevators have become a standard configuration for building houses, especially for homes. Family with elderly children.

Many people may think that family villa elevators are not practical. Building a house in rural areas is only two or three floors, and the higher one is three and a half floors. After all, the national policy now also requires the height of houses to be built. In fact, in the long run I think there will always be elderly people and children at home. With elevators, families can travel freely up and down, and they don’t need to rely on their legs to go up and down the stairs.

Many people will say that I came here without installing an elevator for so long before, and there is no need to spend any wronged money. Here I can only say that early planning and early enjoyment are not only troublesome but also ugly to install later. Why do you say that? It's really that too many things have improved in the later stage, such as the popularization of mobile phones. Therefore, it is necessary to install the family villa elevator to make life more convenient, and the installation of the family villa elevator is actually more It's safe. It is much safer to travel with a family villa elevator when sick and unable to walk the stairs or have limited mobility.

The other is that villas with elevators will appear to be more upscale and can add value to the house. If you have installed elevators around your home, this is a talk. If everyone has installed elevators, but your home has not installed them, it will appear that you are not forward-looking, and you may even regret not considering installing elevators.

The functions that a home villa elevator should have:

1. There are generally two ways to open the door of a villa home elevator. Automatic door and manual door. Automatic and manual doors must have electromechanical interlocking function to prevent the door from being opened when the door is opened and the elevator is not present.

2. European imported household elevators do not have elevator steel structure shafts and do not have doors. But there must be safety measures to prevent shear collisions.

3. Most villa elevators are designed with manual swing doors. The car does not have a door. Then a light curtain door must be installed to prevent the danger of friction, collision, and extrusion.

4. It is recommended to install an emergency telephone device in the car to prevent the alarm from calling for help in case of trouble.

5. Increase self-rescue measures and procedures when trapped. Passengers are not allowed to help themselves in the passenger elevators. Different families can make emergency landing with one button.

6. The villa elevator is equipped with power-off emergency leveling functions and devices as standard. However, this function should be used in abnormal conditions such as overhaul and maintenance.

In general, it is a trend to install elevators for family villas now, that is, if you don’t want to install them now, then it is recommended that you reserve an elevator position first, which will be beneficial in the future.

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