How to choose a private customized small elevator with high safety performance?


Nowadays, with the development of the small home elevat […]

Nowadays, with the development of the small home elevator market, more and more imported and domestic home elevator brands emerge in endlessly. If you want to install a small home elevator that can meet the needs of family members, how to choose a high safety performance What about the private customized small elevator?

1. Different brands focus on elevators with different drive systems. There is a big difference between home elevators and commercial elevators. Bottomless installation and small size requirements determine that home elevators should choose small pitless home elevators. Comparing multiple drive modes, it is preferred The screw drive elevator eliminates the need to dig a pit.

2. Different private residential structures determine the door opening method for each floor of the home elevator, especially for small-size installation places. Different door opening methods can save the building area to the greatest extent and increase the utilization rate of the family space. It not only reflects the humanized design standards, but is safer and more convenient. .

3. Starting from the house decoration and the owner's taste, choosing a private customized small home elevator is like buying household electrical equipment, which can not only match the home improvement needs, but also reflect the temperament and taste of the house owner. The transparent and bright, compact and beautiful small elevator will make you no longer worry about the beauty and lighting problems, and it can become a beautiful scenery in your home.

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