Which villa elevators driving method is better


There are several driving methods for villa elevators, […]

There are several driving methods for villa elevators, which driving method is better?

How many ways are there to drive the villa elevator? There are three main drive modes for villa elevators, namely screw villa elevators, hydraulic villa elevators, and traction villa elevators. So which drive method is better for villa elevators?
Generally speaking, if the installation floor is between 2-6 floors, we recommend that customers prefer screw villa elevators! There are four reasons:

First: high security
As a popular villa elevator drive method in recent years, screw elevators are widely used in private homes. Screw elevators adopt screw drive. The elevator has no risk of rising or falling. It has high safety performance, stable and comfortable operation, and installation. Maintenance is simple, only 1-2 times a year.

Second: Bottomless pit installation
As a bottomless pit elevator, the screw elevator is especially suitable for private buildings where pits cannot be excavated and there is little civil engineering. It comes with an integrated glass sightseeing hoistway. As long as it has a suitable size, especially the middle of the stairs, it can be used in the existing A small screw villa elevator is installed on the ground, which saves time, effort, safety and beauty; in addition, for buildings with insufficient top height, a top half-height door design plan can also be provided, except for the middle of the stairs, beside the stairs, and against the wall. It can be installed outdoors as long as there are simple fixed points!

Third: Energy saving and environmental protection
In a villa or duplex building with 2-6 floors, if you want to install an energy-saving and environmentally friendly home elevator, the screw elevator is just right. Under normal circumstances, the power consumption of the screw elevator in 24H operation and standby mode is equivalent to one electric The power consumption of the refrigerator is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Fourth: high-end and beautiful
Screw-driven villa elevator with integrated hoistway, compact and beautiful, occupying a small space

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