• PFU elevator feedback emergency device


    PFU elevator feedback emergency device is a low-noise energy feedback and three-phase emergency power supply product. It adopts advanced algorithm to realize complete sine wave energy feedback and sin...

  • Elevator Maintenance Tips


    Elevator Maintenance TipsElevator maintenance refers to checking, refueling, removing dust, and debugging safety devices on running elevator components on a regular basis. Including non-destructive te...

  • Matters needing attention in elevator decoration


    Elevator safety is the premise of elevator aesthetics. Only on this basis can we develop more and better design solutions to make our commonly used ice-cold cars warm and pleasing to the eye. (1) Over...

  • Home elevators greatly improve people's quality of life


    1. Family life is more convenientWhen people get older, their bones may become weak, and the legs and feet of the elderly are not very neat. Every time they go up and down the stairs, they will consum...

  • What are the types of elevator motors?


    What are the types of elevator motors? 1) According to the power supply: There are two categories of AC elevator motors and DC elevator motors. As the drive motor that drives the traction machine or e...

  • Why are mirrors installed in elevators?


    Why are mirrors installed in elevators? 1. In order to meet the security requirements, each elevator car is equipped with a camera, and the fixed camera cannot monitor all corners of the car. After th...

  • What factors should be paid attention to when purchasing elevators


    1. Determination of elevator type When the building starts to plan, the purpose of the building should be clarified, because the types of elevators used in buildings with different purposes such as ho...

  • How much do you know about the eight systems of elevators?


    How much do you know about the eight systems of elevators?1. Traction system: The function of the elevator traction system is to output power and transmit power to drive the elevator to run. It is mai...

  • What is the difference between ahome elevator with a machine room and without ?


    We all know that when choosing a home elevator, most people will consider choosing a machine room-less home elevator, but few people choose a machine room elevator. Why is this? What is the difference...

  • How to increase the service life of villa home elevator?


    The villa home elevator has gradually entered more and more families, and one of the constant concerns of the villa home elevator is its service life. So, how to increase the service life of villa hom...

  • The Importance of Having High Quality Elevator Parts


    If you are looking for manufacturers or suppliers who can provide you with specific products and parts for your elevator, you probably are one of the part-owners or partners of a commercial building o...

  • What functions should a home villa elevator have


    With the development of the times, elevators have been popularized in life. Many villas have begun to install home villa elevators. What functions should home villa elevators have? Is it necessary to ...

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