What Is a Freight Elevator?


Unlike passenger elevators, freight elevators are designed for the purpose of moving goods across a floor. They are built to accommodate heavy loads and tough working conditions. They are found in warehouses and manufacturing plants. They are often custom-designed for a specific facility.

They can carry heavy loads, up to 100,000 pounds. The floor may be covered with rubber for slip protection. A freight elevator is usually larger than a passenger elevator.

There are several types of freight elevators, but the ones most commonly seen are the freestanding models. Freestanding elevators are more convenient than the traditional types, because they do not require installation to a building structure. Some have metal gates.

Freight elevators are also often found in retail locations. They may have a key or access card for opening and closing the doors. They may also have visual and written notices indicating which type of loading is allowed.

A freight elevator is designed to carry heavy loads, including heavy machinery. It may have multiple doors, a wide hoistway, or a reinforced gate. These features are meant to minimize the amount of space required on the hoistway. The interior cabin is often constructed from heavy gauge steel, with a non-skid floor and a reinforced door.

A freight elevator may have a visual indicator that tells you which floor it is on. It may also have a call button, which sends it down to the floor. Some have a manual door that can be opened with a strap or a lever.

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