How to solve common failures of home elevators

Abstract:Abstract:How to solve common failures of home elevators? In the […]

How to solve common failures of home elevators? In the past two years, home elevators have become the preferred equipment for many residents to solve the inconvenience of going up and down or the inconvenience of goods in the villa environment. However, even for home elevators, there is a potential safety hazard of failure. So, what should we do if our home elevator breaks down, and how can we save ourselves safely when it breaks down?
The self-rescue method when the home elevator encounters a failure: When the power is cut off, the ordinary elevator will not stop running. If the building is equipped with an elevator backup power supply or the elevator itself is equipped with a battery-powered emergency leveling device, it will automatically open to the nearest floor to open the door‍
Before a home elevator fails, there are usually some dangerous signals, such as the elevator making an abnormal sound, or the speed has changed significantly, suddenly and slowly.
When the elevator is taken out, no display is displayed, or the button light is off.
The family elevator safety consultant reminds you that once encountered the above situation, passengers should leave the vehicle as soon as the elevator stops, and promptly notify the elevator management personnel of the specific circumstances of the elevator failure. It is important to note that when entering or leaving the elevator, do not rush into the elevator. Pay attention to the height of the elevator car floor and the floor.
Take protective measures when the home elevator descends:
1. Quickly press the button on each floor so that the elevator can stop descending immediately when the emergency power is turned on;
2. If there is a handle in the home elevator, first hold the handle with one hand, and then the entire backrest and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator to fix the person's position and avoid falling;
3. If there is no handle in the elevator, both hands will support the inner wall of the elevator, and then the entire rear and head will be close to the inner wall of the elevator to fix the body and protect the spine. Elevator wall
4. Bend the knees, use the knees to bend to withstand the pressure;
5. After the home elevator is in a stable state, immediately contact the elevator maintenance unit and management personnel. There are alarm bells and walkie-talkies in the elevator, or dial 119 for help.

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