What if the elevator suddenly stops?

Please immediately contact the property through the alarm bell, walkie talkie or telephone inside the elevator and wait for rescue. When the alarm does not work, keep your strength by calling for help intermittently or knocking on the elevator door. The best way is to lean on the wall of the elevator and adjust your breathing from time to time.

Ten Key Points of Taking Elevator Safely
Check whether the elevator has passed the safety inspection. The elevator that exceeds the inspection time or has defects has safety risks. Please do not enter blindly without seeing whether the elevator car is parked on this floor. When waiting for the elevator, do not kick, pry, pry or lean against the elevator. If your elevator is full, wait patiently for the next one.

When the overload alarm occurs in the elevator, please do not squeeze into the carriage or carry articles. Do not block the doors of the elevator with hands, feet or objects. When getting in and out of the elevator, move slowly, not step by step, step by step. When the elevator is running, it should be as far away from the door as possible. You can use the handrails in the car to make it stand steadily. When the elevator stops stably, if the door is not opened, press the door key to open the car door, and do not force it to open. Don't play, jump, or press buttons in the elevator.

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