Safety knowledge of household elevators that cannot be missed

Abstract:Now every building has elevators. Now many private vill […]

Now every building has elevators. Now many private villas have begun to install household elevators. There are more and more elevators and more elevator failures. We need to learn more about the safety of household elevators to ensure the safety of ourselves and our families.
1. Take the elevator to your heart's content
Whether the elevator switch is stable and whether there is abnormal noise. Whether the elevator starts, runs and stops normally. Whether the key operation of the elevator is correct. Whether the electric light, floor display, elevator external floor display and other equipment are normal. Emergency equipment, such as walkie talkies, emergency buttons, exhaust fans and monitoring equipment. When the elevator stops, it shall be consistent with the ground height of each floor.
2. What conditions are not suitable for taking the elevator?
A strange noise came from the elevator. If the floor of the elevator car and the waist floor are uneven (indicating a problem). Don't take the elevator in rainy days, because the elevator lobby is usually on the top floor, which may lead to lightning. The elevator is almost full. In case of fire, please avoid taking the elevator (it will cause smoke suffocation, and the elevator will be powered off at any time).

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