How to design a home elevator is reasonable

Abstract:The load of home elevators cannot exceed 400kg, and com […]

The load of home elevators cannot exceed 400kg, and common elevators are 630kg and 800kg. The speed of the villa elevator cannot exceed 0.4m/s. The top floor height refers to the vertical distance between the top floor of the elevator car floor and the most prominent member under the hoistway roof. The raised height does not refer to the floor height, but refers to the elevator's stroke. For example, the distance between the first floor and the second floor is 3 meters, then the raised height is 3 meters instead of 6 meters. The height does not exceed 15m.


The clear height of the top layer refers to the distance between the shortest protrusion at the top of the well and the decorative finish surface of the top layer when the top layer is viewed from the inside of the well. All the dimensions of the touch height are confirmed according to the dimension of the decorative finish surface, that is, the elevation, so the elevator will not be installed until the owner confirms the dimensions of the decorative finish surface.

For the sake of space saving, home elevators can also choose side-opening automatic doors. Since the side-opening automatic door can save the construction area to the maximum extent and use the width of the well as much as possible, it can also facilitate the use of the disabled and the elderly with inconvenient mobility, which also reflects the humanized planning considerations.

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