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  • Escalators are similar to moving walks


    A moving walk or an escalator is a mechanical device that moves people or objects horizontally or on an incline. They are commonly used in places where there is a need to transport people over a short...

  • Necessary home elevator selection common sense


    The selection of a home elevator has many criteria, and it is not easy to choose a suitable one. The following home elevator editor will explain to you some knowledge about how to choose a home elevat...

  • Be Careful When Riding a Moving Walk Escalator


    During the last two centuries, public transport systems have developed a lot of innovations. These include moving walks escalators. These are state-of-the-art machines that make travelling more conven...

  • What Is a Freight Elevator?


    Unlike passenger elevators, freight elevators are designed for the purpose of moving goods across a floor. They are built to accommodate heavy loads and tough working conditions. They are found in war...

  • What if the elevator suddenly stops?


    Please immediately contact the property through the alarm bell, walkie talkie or telephone inside the elevator and wait for rescue. When the alarm does not work, keep your strength by calling for help...

  • How to solve common failures of home elevators


    How to solve common failures of home elevators? In the past two years, home elevators have become the preferred equipment for many residents to solve the inconvenience of going up and down or the inco...

  • Home elevators have gradually become an indispensable vertical transportation tool for family


    Now that people's living standards have improved, and elevators have been installed in their homes, are small home elevators really so useful? Not to mention people with limited mobility, whether it i...

  • Safety knowledge of household elevators that cannot be missed


    Now every building has elevators. Now many private villas have begun to install household elevators. There are more and more elevators and more elevator failures. We need to learn more about the safet...

  • How to design a home elevator is reasonable


    The load of home elevators cannot exceed 400kg, and common elevators are 630kg and 800kg. The speed of the villa elevator cannot exceed 0.4m/s. The top floor height refers to the vertical distance bet...

  • What are the problems with the installation of small home elevators in duplex buildings?


    With the improvement of people's material living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are also getting higher and higher. For example, many owners living in duplex buildings have begun ...

  • Choosing a Moving Walk Escalator


    When choosing a moving walk escalator, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to determine the height of your escalator. This will determine the angle of the moving walk. The standard ...

  • What is the speed of a home elevator?


    The speed also needs to be referenced before buying a home elevator, so what is the significance of paying attention to the speed of a home elevator? Many people don't know much about it. Next, the ed...

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