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  • Why Install a Home Elevator?


    If you've considered installing a home elevator, you're likely wondering why you would want to do so. However, you need to know the difference between a home elevator and a home lift. Home lifts are d...

  • Routine maintenance of elevators


        Routine maintenance work refers to the work carried out by elevator maintenance personnel every time (usually half a month) to maintain the elevator, including the following points: Contact the el...

  • What to do when trapped in passenger elevator?


    What to do when a passenger is trapped in an passenger elevator? When a passenger is trapped in the car due to a power failure, safety device action, or malfunction, the passenger should remain calm a...

  • Precautions for using escalators


    The escalator is actually a handrail that can move synchronously, and can always walk in one direction, but in most cases, it can follow the flow of people or time, etc., and the management personnel ...

  • Etiquette requirements when taking an elevator


    1. Safety first, do not crowd when the elevator door is open, enter the elevator in order, do not forcefully squeeze into the elevator, so as not to cause the elevator to be overloaded. Take responsib...

  • Elevator safety knowledge science


    1. Will the passenger elevator fall from a height at a high speed? A normal elevator will not fall from a height at a high speed. There are two safety protection measures in the elevator design to pre...

  • Elevator lubrication and performance requirements for lubricating oil


    The main components of various types of elevators are different, but they usually include eight major components: traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric tr...

  • How much do you know about taking the elevator safely


    Passenger elevator are commonly used equipment for carrying people and objects in high-rise buildings. The safety of elevators is directly related to the personal safety of passengers. Correct and civ...

  • What are the functions and features of passenger elevators?


    There are countless passenger elevators in high-rise buildings. It can quickly reach the designated floor, save time and speed up efficiency. So, who often use elevators, what functions do you think e...

  • What are the classifications of escalators


    What are the classifications of escalators1. Classification by armrest decoration1) Fully transparent type: refers to the escalator made of fully transparent glass for the handrail baseboard, which ca...

  • Elevator Safety Tips:Enter and exit the elevator to see if the car is flush with the floor


    ​Nowadays, the newly built communities in the city are all elevator apartments, but many people do not know how to use the elevator correctly. Be sure to use elevators in a civilized and orderly manne...

  • Elevator falls are not so scary ! Learn about these elevator safety knowledge


    ​​Will the wire rope that pulls the elevator suddenly break? Will the Passenger lift suddenly fall and hit the ground? Trapped in the elevator, do you want to open the door and come out as soon as pos...

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