• What are the problems with the installation of small home elevators in duplex buildings?


    With the improvement of people's material living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are also getting higher and higher. For example, many owners living in duplex buildings have begun ...

  • Choosing a Moving Walk Escalator


    When choosing a moving walk escalator, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to determine the height of your escalator. This will determine the angle of the moving walk. The standard ...

  • What is the speed of a home elevator?


    The speed also needs to be referenced before buying a home elevator, so what is the significance of paying attention to the speed of a home elevator? Many people don't know much about it. Next, the ed...

  • Precautions For Riding on Moving Sidewalks and Escalators


    When riding on escalators or moving sidewalks, take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. First, avoid walking backwards. You'll be in the path of many people trying to reach their destinat...

  • How to choose a home elevator suitable for your home?


    With the continuous pursuit of people's quality of life and the rising demand for life, many consumers realize that home elevators are no longer a luxury but a necessity. How to choose a home elevator...

  • Common household elevator size recommendations


    In recent years, villa elevators have become more and more popular, including platform type, car type, traction type, and screw type, which makes buyers dazzled. In line with the reserved size at home...

  • What factors should be considered when installing a home villa elevator


    Nowadays, home villa elevators are becoming more and more humanized. The owner can completely determine its decoration according to his own preferences, and it is also becoming more and more humanized...

  • What are the principles of home elevator design?


    A home elevator is a special kind of elevator, which has high requirements for the user's use environment and purpose, so there will always be some special requirements in the design process. So, what...

  • Home elevator related knowledge


    If you want to install a home elevator in your home, you need to know which type to choose. At present, there are common traction elevators, screw elevators and hydraulic elevators in China. Here the ...

  • Is the home villa elevator worth installing?


    Now more and more families have installed home elevator, this is because the quality of life and spending power of families are constantly improving. The interior of the villa is generally multi-store...

  • Maintenance and maintenance of villa elevator


    In the case of no friction noise during the operation of the home villa elevator, the elevator car should be cleaned and lubricated to realize the guide shoe work for refueling and cleaning the oil cu...

  • What are the benefits of installing a home elevator


    Running Comfortable Home Elevator brings you a new safe and comfortable ride experience, no longer has to rush up and down the stairs, but also brings convenience for your family to go up and downstai...

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