Why should the old elevator be transformed

Abstract:The service life is more than 15 years, the failure is […]

The service life is more than 15 years, the failure is high, and there are hidden safety hazards.
The elevator decoration is outdated, affecting the overall image.
The elevator has high accuracy when it stops, and the car is easy to trip when entering and exiting the car.
When the elevator starts and stops, the jitter is large, and the ride comfort is poor.
Most of the elevator parts have been discontinued, which is difficult to maintain and has many failures.
Elevators consume high power and have poor operating efficiency, which is manifested in early products, with reduced voltage starting and high energy consumption.

Use technology

The use of permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine has realized many characteristic technical indexes of elevators such as energy saving, environmental protection and small size.
The use of VVVF technology significantly reduces the energy consumption and the capacity of the power supply equipment required by the building. The full-word control device and the high-precision reducer with advanced processing enable lower energy consumption.
Thanks to the development of communication technology and network, more humanized technologies such as remote monitoring systems and multimedia information display systems can be used in elevators in old communities as soon as possible through transformation and upgrading.

Condition of the elevator after renovation

Safer and more reliable...
More comfortable, more energy-efficient, more energy-efficient...
More convenient and safer to use...
It can enhance the taste and value of buildings.


When is the most appropriate transformation

The purpose of regular maintenance is to maintain operating performance, reduce the occurrence of failures, and perform periodic inspections, adjustments, diagnosis, timely replacement of parts, machine repairs, etc. corresponding to the frequency of use. However, after entering the period of wear and tear, the performance of the entire system is even lower. Compared with the current technological era, there is a gap in technological backwardness, and a large gap between the functions generally demanded by society, which not only caused the decline of household goods, but also frequently paid high repair costs.
Therefore, when entering the period of wear and failure, it is an appropriate time for elevator renovation and renewal. Generally, the occurrence of failures of electrical and mechanical devices is in a stable period of low failure from the initial failure period to the occasional failure period. After the accident, the failure period begins to enter the wear failure period. At this time, due to the deterioration of the parts, the number of failures increases, and the prevention of failures becomes difficult to predict in advance.

Benefits of elevator renovation

Low cost, short time, and the most environmentally friendly renovation features.
Comfortable, secure, convenient and economical transformation effect.
Renew in stages, keep the steel structure for use, and minimize the cost of renovation.
It does not damage the facade decoration, the floor slab is free from repair, and the amount of dust is small.
The construction period is the shortest and has little impact on operation.
Less waste and low noise construction will not harm users' peace.


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