Why are mirrors installed in elevators?

Abstract:Why are mirrors installed in elevators? 1. In order to […]

Why are mirrors installed in elevators?

1. In order to meet the security requirements, each elevator car is equipped with a camera, and the fixed camera cannot monitor all corners of the car. After the mirror is installed, due to the principle of reflection, the original unreachable range becomes monitorable range.

2. It is convenient for white-collar beauties who go to work to organize their grooming.

3. Using the principle of reflection, the space of the car feels larger.

4. Increase the reflection, so that the elevator can use less power to present a brighter and more fruity condition.

5. The elevator will be crowded when there are many people. Installing mirrors can increase the sense of space in the elevator.

6. It is convenient for people in wheelchairs to see which floors they go to without turning around.


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