Which type of home elevator is most commonly used

Abstract:There are three most common types of home elevators: tr […]

There are three most common types of home elevators: traction type, screw compressor, and oil pressure type. So which type of home elevator is the most common? Which type of home elevator is more suitable?

1. Traction type: Traction type is more technical and has a wide range of applications. It is also a common type of home elevator. Because of its low noise, it operates more stably. Traction type has tourism and non-tourism type. If the indoor space is relatively small, it is better to use the tourism type. On the one hand, the lighting is good, and on the other hand, it is not easy to feel depressed. The size of the elevator shaft is very large, and it is best to choose the dragon type.

At this stage, the new traction elevators in the market are strip steel desktops. The design scheme is based on screw compressors. The space utilization rate is high, and the bottom pit must be at least 15 cm above. It is also a very popular type of elevator car for home elevators on the market.

2. Screw compressor: the bottom pit only needs 5mm, the unique structure makes the screw elevator less prone to weightlessness, and the high-level regulations are very low/the screw elevator is more dominant in the market today, which is imported from abroad, but the imported screw elevator is in the The price is very high. There are also screw elevators in China, but the noise is slightly louder and the appearance is simple.

3. Hydraulic type: hydraulic lifts have low civil engineering requirements and shallow pits, but the biggest limitation of hydraulic lifts is oil seepage, which is very harmful if installed indoors.

As far as the current sales market share is concerned, the most common type of home elevator or the traction home elevator is all good in terms of structure and high cost performance. Naturally, it is also based on the hobbies and financial work ability of the residents. Private elevator cars pay more attention to diversified and professional design schemes.

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