What are the principles of home elevator design?

Abstract:A home elevator is a special kind of elevator, which ha […]

A home elevator is a special kind of elevator, which has high requirements for the user's use environment and purpose, so there will always be some special requirements in the design process. So, what should be considered in the design of a home elevator? What are the special design requirements for home elevators?

1. The hoistway of the home elevator occupies a small area. In private houses such as villas and bungalows, since the number of people using home elevators is small, large bridges are not needed, and users do not want to take up too much living space, so the hoistway of home elevators should be as small as possible. At the same time, due to the high number of floors, it cannot provide a deep enough tunnel, nor can it provide a large roof space.

2. Low speed and comfort. The home elevator has a low speed and a small lifting height, which not only brings better comfort to the user, but also prevents frequent vibrations.

3. Low noise. The residential elevator is installed inside the house, it can be adjacent to the bedroom or lounge, or even in the bedroom, so its noise requirements are much higher than the general elevator.

4. should be equipped with life-saving equipment. If someone at home takes the elevator alone, and there is no one at home, and the elevator breaks down, you need to install the elevator self-rescue function, including the power-off re-leveling after a power failure. .

5. Manual door without hanging door. Some home elevators use manual doors according to user requirements, and do not have sedan doors. This is to save space and save costs.

6. Answering of remote calls. This function is a must-have for home elevators. In the event that the elevator is trapped, there is no one at home, and rescue is impossible, you can seek external help.

Therefore, when designing a home elevator, you must pay attention to some specific design requirements and install them in accordance with these requirements.

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