Take the elevator also talk about civilization

Abstract:Social development, buildings gradually increased, the […]

Social development, buildings gradually increased, the elevator has become an indispensable tool. Especially in hospitals these special places, a lift is an irreplaceable role. But some people take the elevator of some bad habits distasteful: There’s no respect for the elderly so that remnants of consciousness, unlike the bus uncivilized habit side by side; knowing that after that there are some people, went into the elevator rose after themselves empty so that the person behind the ladder looking disappointed. There are some young people got lazy like disease, Ning ten minutes, do not step forward. Hospital elevators and office buildings, residential buildings, elevators vary, it is primarily for the bad legs and patients with special circumstances to facilitate the service. Life is movement, to accident and emergency patient examination and treatment time, young people walk a few steps it is to their care.
Reflected in all aspects of urban civilization, civilization elevator to some extent reflects the degree of civilization of a place. Respecting let old and indecisive, no loud noises or loud answer the phone, try to walk up the stairs on the lower floors, we are civilized riding behavior. Good civilization needs common care, everyone has taken a small step in civilization, a city of civilization will be a significant step forward.

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