Matters needing attention in elevator decoration

Abstract:Elevator safety is the premise of elevator aesthetics. […]

Elevator safety is the premise of elevator aesthetics. Only on this basis can we develop more and better design solutions to make our commonly used ice-cold cars warm and pleasing to the eye.

(1) Overweight after car decoration

In the relevant information for many years, the weight of the car is changed due to the decoration of the elevator, which causes the balance coefficient to fail to meet the requirements, resulting in many elevator accidents of varying degrees. The weight of the elevator car after decoration is calculated according to the weight of about 320kg for 1 ton of the car, and the weight after decoration exceeds 380kg. To make the elevator return to the base point (that is, to reach the original balance coefficient) and increase the weight by 190kg, that is, add 570kg to the total weight of the traction machine. Of course, the elevator design has overweight reserved data. However, if the number is exceeded, the main engine, gear, main shaft, and each steel rope and cable reel will have different degrees of metal fatigue. Any test tool will not work due to these kinds of consequences. For example, the deepening of the cable reel pit can only be judged by experience. The elevator itself is overweight, so that the elevator does not buffer easily for a second during operation, which may cause various accidents in the elevator, especially for high-speed elevators and machine room-less elevators. Therefore, in the decoration design, it is necessary to control the weight of the decoration. Every year around the world, there are various accidents caused by overweight after elevator renovation. But so far it has not received real attention. In the elevator decoration design, try not to choose too many heavy materials.

(2) The car decoration should leave the life-saving window (escape port)

When the elevator is running and an accident occurs, if it cannot return to the leveling floor, the car door cannot be opened, and the car is of course in the mezzanine. When the operator saves people, it is necessary to use the rescue window on the top of the car to save the trapped passengers. If the rescue window is not left in place during the decoration, it will increase the inconvenience and delay the rescuer for a long time. Passengers who are trapped for one more second will be more dangerous (the first is psychological fear), so in the design process, attention should be paid to the consideration of the life-saving windows and the aesthetics of the decoration. Due to the proximity of human beings to nature, wood is the protagonist as the material used for decoration. If the car is made of too much wood, it may cause an unfortunate fire. Of course, in the process of use, fire-retardant coatings can be applied to the wood surface according to fire-fighting practices. However, due to the long-term operation of the car up and down, the wires may cause aging damage to the outer skin, and the space of the car is limited. Once the power supply is in contact with the wood and the fire starts, in a small space, if there is fire and smoke, the passengers will have no way to escape.

Of course, the user's request is that our contractors should, based on their responsibility and sincerity to passengers, fully consider the possible overloading of the car after decoration and the setting of life-saving windows. Of course, there are other details that we need to pay more attention to.

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