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In the case of no friction noise during the operation o […]

In the case of no friction noise during the operation of the home villa elevator, the elevator car should be cleaned and lubricated to realize the guide shoe work for refueling and cleaning the oil cup. Villa elevators are used less frequently and have less oil content in the guide rails, which are prone to noise during operation.

Therefore, in the face of this situation, it is necessary to apply lubricating oil on the guide rail and keep it once a year to achieve the effect of reducing noise. For the elevator hall door and car door, during the maintenance process, oil can be added to the sliding track of the door and the running parts to improve the lubrication effect. But after the lubricating effect is achieved, the oil on the surface can also be removed to reduce the impact on dust.

The leveling of the villa elevator is also very important, and its maintenance is even more important. Generally speaking, bright colors can be painted on the ground 5 to 20 mm of each layer to remind others. The selected villa elevator car has many materials, which are easily affected by the environment, decoration and other factors and cause deformation and other phenomena, and users have high requirements for this.

Therefore, in the process of repair and maintenance, it is necessary to focus on inspection and adjustment. For example: the micro switch can be installed on the car wall, so that it can be connected in series in the safety circuit. The electrical parts of the villa elevator mainly include switches, various safety parts, the master control panel, etc. In order to ensure the safety protection of the villa elevator during use, it is necessary to check the adhesion of the switches during the inspection and maintenance process.

The control cabinet is the main component of the entire elevator system, which can realize the deployment, identification and control work, and the start, stop and operation of the elevator are all controlled by it. During repair and maintenance, the insulation performance of electrical appliances should be tested, and some parts with poor insulation performance should be replaced. In order to reduce the failures caused by the door in the daily work of the elevator, professional short-circuit lines can be used, and the door locks can be short-circuited to realize the normal operation of the elevator under the supervision of professionals.

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