what is Shopping Cart Elevator?

In addition to traditional vertical transportation, shopping carts can be transported in a special type of escalator called an inclined conveyor. These escalators can move shopping carts between upper and lower floors.
An inclined conveyor is an assembly that consists of a continuous conveyor assembly 38 and a drive motor 40. The drive motor provides the driving force for the shopping carts 12 to be moved along the length of the conveyor. This device is typically installed adjacent to a conventional escalator.
In an inclined conveyor, a sensor 34 is mounted on the drive motor. When the sensor detects a heat above a predetermined level, the control unit of the inclined conveyor stops the motor. A jam detector is also provided.
The jam detector includes two metallic conductor strips 132. Each strip is positioned above a pair of drive lugs 54, which are also positioned above a horizontal cross bar 88. As the shopping cart passes between the sensors 106, 108, the conductor strips 132 clear a jam.
A stopper 95 is provided to prevent further rotation of the stopping arm 91. Once a stopper is installed, the driving motor is shut down and the inclined conveyor can no longer be used.
There are several other features that will be described in more detail below. However, various other details will be apparent from the drawings.
An inclined shopping cart conveyor is similar to other types of escalators. It includes an inclined driving wheel, a stationary platform, a continuous conveyor assembly, and spaced drive lugs. These features are intended to allow for efficient and effective operation.

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