The Use of Indoor Moving Walk Escalator

Indoor moving walk escalator (moving sidewalk) is an excellent solution for transporting large volume of passengers in a busy shopping mall, airports, exhibition centers, transport change-over stations and other public places. The main functions of the escalator is transporting passengers from one floor to another and the function of the moving walkway is carrying luggage carts, baby strollers, hand trucks, shopping carts and wheelchairs for disabled people.

There are a few types of indoor escalators, including straight-line and step-type escalators. The latter is a common type of escalator in subways, airports and shopping malls.

The steps in a step-type escalator move on an articulated truss or stair case. This truss is supported by the steel structure of the escalator. The truss has a right angle at its top and bottom that bends the steps into a stair-case configuration.

Each stair-case is connected to the next by two tracks that travel along the curved section of the truss. When the steps get to the bottom, they pass through another curved section of track before they exit the truss.

The escalator is powered by an electric motor that rotates a shaft. The motor transfers the rotary motion of the shaft to a set of sprockets and chains, which are then attached to the steps. The sprockets and chains are connected to the drive units that control the speed of the escalator and move the handrail belts. The escalator also has a control panel and a safety system that helps keep the escalator operating safely at its maximum speed.

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