The Importance of Hospital Elevator Maintenance

Hospital elevators are a key component of hospitals that transport patients and equipment between floors. They are critical to the day-to-day operations of hospitals and must be maintained to ensure their longevity, reliability and safety.

The elevator is the fastest way to move from one floor to another and can be used to transfer patients between beds, stretchers or wheelchairs. Elevators can also be used to transport medical supplies, linens and janitorial equipment from floor to floor in a building or ship.

Often, people who need to use lifts are bed-bound and cannot walk between floors, so it is important that hospital lifts have enough capacity to accommodate those using them. It is also crucial that they are easy to operate and maintain as they are constantly in use.

A new study shows that elevator buttons are a breeding ground for bacteria, and that hospitals need to find ways to improve hygiene. It found that elevator buttons were home to significantly more bacteria than toilet surfaces, which means hospitals need to change the cleaning methods and disinfect the elevators.

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. Several hospitals have started categorizing their elevators, with different types - such as patient transport, utility and visitor - designed to meet specific traffic demands.

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