How to Install a Freight Elevator

If you’re looking to transport large or heavy objects, such as boxes, furniture, vehicles or other physical goods, you’ll want to look into installing a freight elevator in your business. These elevators can be found in most high-rise buildings and are used to move objects between floors.

How to Operate a Freight Elevator
Typically, freight elevators feature electronic doors that open automatically when they arrive at their destination floor. However, these elevators can also be operated manually. To open these doors, press the “DOOR OPEN” button next to the call button or use a lever or strap.

What Are the Differences Between a Freight Elevator and a Service Elevator?
While both types of elevators have the same function of moving people from one floor to another, there are a few differences that make freight elevators stand out.

Loading Class
Every elevator has a loading class that indicates the type of loading it can safely accommodate. The class determines what kinds of loads can be moved on and off the platform, as well as how these loads are loaded and unloaded.

Class A
General Freight LoadingGenerally speaking, a class A freight elevator is designed to accommodate general freight load sizes that have weights up to 25 percent of its stated capacity. This is considered to be the most common method for loading and unloading cargo on and off freight elevators.

Compared to passenger elevators, freight cars are designed for moving heavy loads on a regular basis and are built with durability in mind. They are made of 14 gauge or higher steel walls and a reinforced gate to prevent any possible damage in loading and unloading. They also have a no skid metal floor and a rubber mat for added safety against slips.

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