Features of an Indoor Escalator

An escalator is a type of moving staircase that is used for transportation within a building. It typically has a series of steps with each step having a different height and width, and is operated by a motor to carry passengers between floors.

Depending on the type of escalator, a number of features can be applied to make it easier for passengers to use, including:

Steps and Riser Structure
Escalators typically have a series of stairs or steps that are linked together by a chain. These stairs or steps are usually made from one-piece, die-cast aluminium or steel.

The stair or steps may be cleated (given a ribbed appearance) with comb-like protrusions that mesh with the comb plates on the top and bottom platforms, as well as the succeeding steps in the chain.

Landing Platforms
The landing platforms are the two sections (at the ends) that house the curved sections of the tracks, as well as the gears and motors that drive the stair or steps. They also anchor the ends of the escalator truss.

A truss is the outer structural frame of an escalator, and consists of a horizontal bar with an attached deck at each end that supports the landing platforms and the stair or steps. The truss is often transparent to show the internal components of the escalator.

Drive mechanism
The driving components of an indoor escalator are a combination of mechanical devices and electronic components, which are designed to be strong, stable, reliable, and safe. The components are designed to provide good shock absorption, high torque, low noise and a long service life.

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