How to save themselves when the elevator fall

Abstract:1. regardless of floors, each floor should quickly put […]

1. regardless of floors, each floor should quickly put the keys that are pressed. General Elevator emergency power to start, stop continue to fall.


2. If the elevator has a handle, a passenger the best grip handle, so you can avoid the center of gravity and falls.


3. In the course of an elevator falling passenger to lift the entire back and head against the wall, in a straight line, so you can use the elevator wall as the spine protection, keeping your knees bent posture, use ligaments buffer pounding pressure.


4. When the elevator stopped falling, you should use the emergency telephone or cell phone with duty personnel, repair and maintenance personnel to contact the trapped elevator where the information released to the building management or the elevator maintenance units, told the location of the elevator, the elevator Executives Wait. Passengers should stay in the elevator waiting for rescue workers, must not be forced to open the elevator door.

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