How to decorate the villa home elevator

Abstract:Owners are very troubled when decorating the villa, esp […]

Owners are very troubled when decorating the villa, especially for the decoration part of the home elevator. What is considered is whether the decoration of the elevator conforms to the style of the villa and the owner’s own temperament. If the choice is slightly uncomfortable, then It shows that the styles of villas and home elevators are incompatible, so choosing the decoration of home elevators is a skill to find. Next, Yishu will share some decoration skills about villa home elevators. I hope the following skills can help all owners.

First of all, when decorating the house, the owners must be clear about the style of their villa design, whether it is a new Chinese style, classical, European or American style. This is very important for the decoration of villa home elevators. Don't neglect, only know the style of the villa. In order to reasonably adjust and layout the car's style and pattern.

Secondly, the choice of home elevator decoration materials, the details determine the result of villa elevator decoration, let's briefly talk about the commonly used materials for villa elevator cars. The cost of wood will be higher than that of metal.

(1) Metal material: mainly made of stainless steel plate, used for car wall, car door, hall door, and door frame decoration. The luxurious version has hairline plates, mirror panels, mirror etching plates, titanium plates, and gold-plated plates.

(2) Wooden material: mainly used for decoration of car walls, ceiling frames and elevator floors. There are many types of wood materials used in car wall decoration, such as red beech, white beech, birdeye, black walnut and even mahogany. The wooden materials used for the ceiling should be coordinated with those used for the car. The floor is made of marble.

(3) Glass materials: including glass and mirrors, used for car wall decoration. If you use mirror stainless steel, you don't need a mirror.

(4) Man-made materials: mainly refer to man-made materials such as light-transmitting panels and light-transmitting pillars used in suspended ceilings. The ceiling is also divided into many grades.

Finally, the attention to the decoration of villa home elevators, if you pay attention to details, you can choose to implement the overall decoration by the elevator company, or you can carry out the elevator interior decoration by yourself, and you must pay attention to the overall weight of the decoration materials because of the elevator decoration. The weight change causes the balance coefficient to fail to meet the requirements and causes the elevator to malfunction in different degrees.

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