How to correctly ride the escalator for children

Abstract:Escalator in life This is very common in China. Althoug […]

Escalator in life

This is very common in China. Although it is practical and convenient, it also has certain risks and is a place where elevator accidents occur frequently. After the escalator runs for a period of time, if the maintenance is not timely, the gaps between the handrails, step gaps, skirt boards, step gaps, and the connection between the steps and the ground may become larger, increasing the risk of being bitten. You should also pay attention to the triangular area formed by the handrails and the upper floor, which may cause head and ear injuries, or even suffocation. In addition, taking children on the escalator should pay the following points:

1. Beware of these personal items

Cave shoes are made of soft materials, which are easily deformed and have a large friction coefficient. In addition, the children are lively and have relatively small toes. Shoes and feet are prone to accidents in elevator gaps. Wearing open-toed shoes or other soft shoes on the escalator also has the same safety hazard. Parents must be vigilant and should also educate their children to keep a safe distance between their feet and the brush between the steps and the apron board, and not to step on the yellow safety line. In addition, when children are close to the edge of the escalator, their clothes, shoelaces, scarves and other personal belongings are easily caught, so they should check carefully before boarding the escalator.



2. Precautions for taking the escalator

(1) Don't let children ride alone
When riding the escalator, children must be accompanied by an adult and face the elevator. Parents can hold the child with one hand and the handrail with the other hand, so that the child can stand in the middle of the ladder as much as possible to prevent them from jumping up and down when the ladder is running, and ensure that they can easily reach the child in an emergency .
(2) Stand firm, help is the key
For safety reasons, some parents like to ride the escalator with their children, which is actually risky. Because once a parent loses his hand or stands unstable, the child can easily fall, or even fall off the floor, with disastrous consequences. For children who can walk, it is the key to stand firm when climbing ladders. Adults should not be distracted by playing with mobile phones or other things. Attention should be paid to guiding children to enter and exit safely near the entrance and exit. If the child still cannot walk on his feet, it is recommended to fix him or her to the body with a brace, holding one hand tightly and the other hand holding the hand strap.
(3) Children are strictly prohibited from playing rock climbing
Climbing on an escalator is very dangerous. Once the child acts like this, the parent should
Stop and teach children not to use escalators as toys.
(4) Don't trample on areas beyond the yellow line
The yellow line on the escalator is a safety warning line, it indicates that we should not put our hands, feet and head outside this range, otherwise our hands or feet are easily caught in, we must remind our children Pay attention to this.
(5) Conditions permit
Choose Elevator
It is also very dangerous to take the elevator when you and your baby are out, especially strollers and trolleys on fast-moving escalators. It is safer to take the elevator.

3. What should I do about an accident on the escalator?

When an escalator accident occurs, keep calm, call for help, remind others to press the red emergency brake button near the floor of the elevator entrance as soon as possible to stop the elevator, and promptly ask the staff and 110 for help. When the escalator turns upside down, you should quickly grab the handrail and keep your body down to maintain your balance. If you accidentally fall, your hands should be clasped tightly to protect your head and neck.


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