How to choose an elevator

Abstract:1. The selection of small home elevators needs to be co […]

1. The selection of small home elevators needs to be considered in consideration of civil construction costs, equipment costs, and ease of use. You must choose an elevator suitable for your own family.
2. For small household elevators, it is best to choose some elevators with no machine room or elevators with or without pits based on the characteristics of your own house. This will not only save the use area of ​​the house to the greatest extent, but also have a higher cost performance.
3. It is not recommended to choose cheap second-hand equipment for purchasing small household elevators. Although the price of second-hand equipment is very low, it is often not safe in use, and it cannot be compared with new equipment in terms of power consumption. Moreover, there is no second-hand equipment in home elevators, because home elevators are all customized products, and the elevator height and reserved size are different.

How to choose a commercial elevator

When purchasing commercial elevators, we must choose elevator products of high quality, safety and reliability, and put safety in the first place, so that safety accidents can be avoided, otherwise people's personal safety will be threatened. Many commercial elevators with gorgeous appearance are not practical, and they are often flashy. We must not be confused by the gorgeous appearance of elevators. We must choose durable and easy-to-use commercial elevators, and don't blindly pay attention to the appearance. When purchasing commercial elevators, you must shop around. In addition to having a good understanding of the specific market conditions of the elevator market, you must also choose a few more commercial elevator products for comparison, so as to make the best select. Considering the implementation plan, different elevator structures have very different implementation plans, which require a higher level of professional technology, so it must be selected according to the characteristics of the building. Consider the building structure, the layout of the space and the model of the elevator.

Determination of elevator type

At the beginning of the planning period of the building, the purpose of the building should be clarified, because the types of elevators used for different purposes of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, residences or industrial and mining enterprises often vary greatly, and once determined, Changing it again is very troublesome. After the purpose of the building is determined, analyze the passenger flow based on its building area, floor (height), the flow of people entering and leaving, the location of the elevator in the building, etc., to determine the elevator speed and load (load when the elevator car is fully loaded) , The number of elevators required. After the elevator civil engineering drawing is determined after the elevator type, speed, load capacity, number of stops, number of landing stops, total stroke height, etc., you can entrust the architectural design department to design the blueprint. Here you must clarify the elevator civil engineering (mainly elevator shaft ) Part, the design department must provide the same type of standard civil engineering drawings with professional elevator manufacturers, and draw elevator civil engineering drawings in combination with different structures of building elevator shafts, such as brick structure, concrete structure, brick-concrete structure or steel structure. One thing to add is that although the owner may not yet determine which manufacturer's elevator products to use at this time, since the civil construction of the elevator manufacturers is based on the national elevator standards, even if there are some differences, they are similar and no major problems. The owners can rest assured .

Elevator brand selection

Regarding the selection of specific elevator manufacturers and brands, there is no need to say more here, because the elevator market has already become a buyer's market, and you can contact as many parties as possible and let you choose. What needs attention is only in the configuration of the hall, car door, car size and elevator specifications, try to use general standard products, because the standard size is uniformly manufactured, and the cost is relatively cheaper. For example, for example, two elevators of the same brand have the same speed, load, landing (number of hall doors) configuration, etc., but one has the same specifications and dimensions as the general standard series, while the other has hall doors and car dimensions It is set as non-standard, that is, if it needs to be processed separately, the equipment cost of the latter will be 10%-15% higher than that of the former. Of course, if you want to use elevators of similar lower traction or other special specifications , The cost is unavoidable and it will be even bigger.

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