How to choose a home elevator

Abstract:How to choose a home elevator is a question that many p […]

How to choose a home elevator is a question that many people are thinking about. However, choosing a suitable home is very convenient. There are many rules for choosing a home elevator. Now I will tell you how to choose a home elevator.
1. Functions and safety measures of home elevators. The safety cannot be lowered, and the passenger elevator equipment is sophisticated. The villa elevator users lack elevator knowledge and have no dedicated elevator service personnel. There are two ways to open the door, automatic door and manual door. There are two home elevators abroad, without wells and doors. But there must be safety measures to prevent cutting and collisions.
2. Style evaluation-closed axles and closed cars can visit the local or local area, and it is recommended to install glass windows on the doors. Various shapes, rectangles, circles, combinations are possible, one depends on environmental conditions, two consider personal preferences, and three consider cost and ease of operation.
3. Interior decoration-home elevators should be decorated with attention. Pay attention to the combination of family style. Main, simple, and functional, with direct stainless steel interior as standard, ordinary chandeliers, mirror headlights, equipped with glass, energy-saving lamps, etc. Exterior paint, bricks, and marble can be placed in the middle of the stairs to install elevators, and combined stairs are also a good solution.
Azimuth, well diameter and elevator scale-determine the location of the well space and elevator scale. Stairs, corners and outside are all hung up. The distance between elevator shafts in villas is determined based on the environment. The proposed components are 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the vehicle size is 0.8-1.1 square meters. The relative bearing capacity of this area can be greater than the bearing capacity of the passenger stairs, thereby increasing comfort.

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