How much does it cost to install a home elevator

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How much does it cost to install a home elevator? The advent and popularity of home elevators represents the development of the times. Nowadays, elevators are no longer exclusively for commercial use. Home elevators have quietly entered more and more Chinese families. But for many owners, the home elevator budget is still not a small expenditure. In order to make the home elevators we install both worthwhile and satisfactory, it is necessary for us to know the relevant knowledge of home elevator installation costs in advance.
1. Equipment costs
Nowadays, the quality of the home elevator market is uneven. There are tens of thousands of home elevators and hundreds of thousands of home elevators. There are many factors that affect the equipment cost of the home elevator itself, such as the number of floors, size, shaft material, technology, quality, etc. Factors will affect the price of home elevator equipment itself. Generally speaking, the higher the number of floors, the larger the size, the better the shaft material, the more stable and mature the technology, and the better the quality control, the higher the price will be.
2. Installation costs
The installation cost is also part of the budget. Most brands will indicate the installation cost in the cost contract. This part of the cost generally includes labor costs and construction costs. However, it is unavoidable that some manufacturers do not indicate the installation fee in the contract, and the manual installation fee is required at the end of the payment. Although this part of the installation cost is not high, but as consumers, we also need to know in advance and know how to protect our rights and interests.
3. Cost of accessories
Technology enters life, and home elevators produced by powerful manufacturers will gradually be equipped with more safety functions, smart functions, or a variety of personalized decorative accessories for consumers to choose from. Such as
①Safety functions include: backup power emergency system, platform safety edge, emergency locking system, emergency braking system, alarm bell, communication equipment and overload protection, etc.
②Intelligent functions: SAFIS voice system, touch screen control panel, SAFIS safety prompt system, etc.
③Personalized customization accessories: colorful background walls, hoistway color customization, exquisite carpets, etc.
The cost of this part of the accessories is determined by the consumer's customized choice, and you can consult major manufacturers for details.
Home elevator price-accessories cost
4. Other expenses
In addition to the above costs, it is also recommended to pay attention to whether it involves transportation, hoisting costs, and whether it includes the cost of warranty and maintenance, etc., to avoid other costs that are discovered later.
The above is the relevant knowledge about the installation cost of home elevators for everyone. When we install a home elevator, we not only need to know how much it costs to install a home elevator, but also need to pay attention to the brand, and look for manufacturers with good qualifications and strong after-sales capabilities. , We must not be greedy for petty gains, we always need to understand the principle of what you pay for.

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