How much do you know about the eight systems of elevators?

Abstract:How much do you know about the eight systems of elevato […]

How much do you know about the eight systems of elevators?
1. Traction system: The function of the elevator traction system is to output power and transmit power to drive the elevator to run. It is mainly composed of traction machine, traction wire rope, guide pulley and reverse rope pulley. The traction machine provides power for the operation of the elevator, and is composed of a motor, a traction wheel, a coupling, a reduction box, and an electromagnetic brake. The two ends of the pulling wire are respectively connected to the car and the counterweight, and the car is driven up and down by the friction between the wire rope and the pulling pulley. The function of the guide wheel is to separate the distance between the car and the counterweight, and the rewinding type can also increase the pulling force.

2. Guiding system: The guiding system consists of guide rails, guide shoes and guide rail frames. Its function is to limit the freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only move up and down along the guide rails.

3. Door system: The door system consists of car door, floor door, door opening, linkage mechanism and so on. The car door is set at the entrance of the car, which is composed of door leaf, door guide rail frame, etc. The landing door is set at the entrance of the landing station. The door opener is installed on the car and is the power source for the car and the landing door.

4. Car: The car is an elevator component that transports passengers or goods. It is composed of a car frame and a car body. The car frame is the load-bearing mechanism of the car body, which is composed of beams, columns, bottom beams, and diagonal tie rods. The car body is composed of the bottom of the car, the wall of the car, the roof of the car, the lighting and ventilation device, the decorative parts of the car and the control button board in the car. The size of the car body space is determined by the rated load capacity and the rated number of passengers.

5. Weight balance system: The weight balance system consists of counterweight and weight compensation device. The counterweight consists of a counterweight frame and a counterweight block. The counterweight will balance the car's own weight and part of the rated load. The weight compensation device is a device for compensating the influence of the length change of the pulling wire rope of the car and the counterweight side on the balance design of the elevator in the high-rise elevator.

6. Electric traction system: Electric traction system consists of traction motor, power supply system, speed feedback device, speed control device, etc. Its function is to control the speed of the elevator. The traction motor is the power source of the elevator, and an AC motor or a DC motor can be used according to the elevator configuration. The power supply system is the device that provides power to the motor. The speed feedback system is to provide the elevator running speed signal for the speed regulation system. Generally, a tachogenerator or a speed pulse generator is used to connect with the motor. The speed control device controls the speed of the traction motor.

7. Electrical control system: The electrical control system of the elevator consists of a control device, a control device, a leveling device, and a position display device. The control device controls the operation of the elevator according to the functional requirements of the elevator's operation logic, and is arranged on the control cabinet in the machine room. The control device is controlled by the button box in the car and the call box button of the hall door to control the operation of the elevator. The leveling device is a control device that sends out a leveling control signal to make the elevator car level accurately. The so-called leveling refers to the operation of making the car sill and the hall door sill reach the same plane when the car is approaching a stop on a certain floor. The position display device is used to display the indicator lights in the car and the hall door at the floor where the elevator is located, and the hall door indicator light also uses a pointed tip to indicate the running direction of the elevator.

8. Safety protection system: The safety protection system includes various mechanical and electrical protections.

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